Some of Our Favorite Gunpla 101 Reader Builds, Part 3

“We want to see your finished Gunpla!”

That’s the very first thing it says on our Contact page and we truly mean it. Thanks to that request, we’ve gotten to see some incredible builds from our community. We’re forever impressed with our readers’ model construction, photography, and creativity.

Here are some of our favorite new submissions:


We love to feature Gunpla beginners, and Sam says this 1/100 Master Grade Wing Gundam Proto Zero is his first finished Gunpla ever! “I took more time than I expected to on this kit compared to other types of model kits I’ve built in the past,” he said.


MacTan added some custom details to this little known HGUC 1/144 scale RGM-79N GM from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 – Stardust Memory. “Although the GM Custom was equipped with a 90mm GM rifle in the anime, I equipped the GM Custom with a long-range beam sniper rifle from System Weapon 004 kit. It really looks cool.” We agree, Mac.


“What’s better than having one Gundam Bear?” asks Mike. “Having the whole family! Even Grandpa is peeking out from the back.” We love this colorful collection.


Dennesh Dash shared his R-Gyagya on our Facebook Page, which is another way to submit to us. “Gunpla 101 really helped me a lot,” he said. “This R-Gyagya is my first Gunpla and I felt awesome after I finished building it, thank you guys very much for helping me,” he said. And thank you for sharing!


Sean M. sent us his take on a GM Sniper II with a Draken E. Sean has been building Gunpla since January, but he said this is his favorite that he’s built. We like it, too.

Want to be featured here? Gunpla 101 is for beginners and we don’t necessarily pick the most detailed or difficult models. Instead, you can drastically increase your chance of being featured here by providing a clear photo of your model. Check out our simple tutorial for doing so.

Note: Now that we are receiving a LOT of submissions, I can’t post every model photo sent to me. However, I do view and comment on every single one! So send away.

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  • I’m so happy to see my HGUC 1/144 RGM-79N GM Custom being featured here. Thank you Lauren for doing so. I really appreciate it very much. The GM Custom Gunpla was my second project in the High Grade category. My first ever Gunpla project as well as the very first kit that introduced me into the world of Gundam modeling (before it was known as “Gunpla”) was the High Grade 1/144 GF13-006NA Gundam Maxter, the North American mobile fighter from the 1994 anime “G-Gundam”. Just like other modelers, I also started working with HG kits from 1/144, 1/100 then 1/60 before moving up to Master Grades, the Perfect Grade RX-78-2 and then the Real Grades. I enjoyed working with all of them although sometimes I do encounter some disappointments with my work. Over the years, I’ve learned plenty of modeling tips from magazines like Hobby Japan and Dengeki and sometimes research online on how to improve my Gunpla modeling skills. I’m neither a beginner nor a master in Gunpla. I’m just the type of modeler that enjoys building and collecting Gunpla models. Here’s the current project I’ve been working on for over a month now. The Real Grade 1/144 RX-78GP01fb Gundam Zephyranthes Full Vernier..

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