Some of Our Favorite Gunpla 101 Reader Builds

If we’re being totally honest, there are many times we’d rather be building Gunpla than writing about them. Otherwise we wouldn’t have started this blog in the first place! That’s why, more than anything we love to talk shop with other builders. On our Contact page, we encourage readers to send us photos of their finished Gunpla.

Since we launched this May, we’ve heard from quite a few of you. These models were too good to just sit in our inbox, so today we’re featuring five of our favorites. Credits go to the modelers listed below each photo.


1. Michael AKA Maverike Prime sent us a photo gallery of the Wing Gundam he’s kitted out with metallic red and blue paint. Snazzy! Michael blogs at The Resurrected Hobbyist about his various Gunpla and Warhammer modeling projects.

2. Nanochi is an extremely prolific Gunpla modeler. In 2014 she’s built 55 models total, about four a week by her estimate! She tweets @Nanochi90 about her extensive model building. Our favorite? Her entry to a Gunpla contest—her artfully distressed HG Thunderbolt Zaku came in seventh place.


3. Daniel wrote to us after he decided to rebuild an old Gundam Epyon model that he had. For the second time around, he took it completely apart, shaved down the nubs, and reapplied all the stickers. “I used a fingernail file to smooth out the spurs,” he told us in an email. Very MacGyver of him!


4. Scott found our site when he got back into Gunpla building after a 15 year hiatus! His most recent build is a Rick Dias (Quattro/Char Custom) that he completely revamped. For more of Scott’s impressive work, you can check out his WordPress and Tumblr blogs.


5. Chris has built six models so far and sent us a photo featuring models from Gundam Seed, Gundam 00, and Gundam Wing. “I’ve become addicted to these things and your blog is not helping! Though that may be a good thing.” We certainly think so, Chris.

One of the most rewarding parts of running Gunpla 101 has been hearing from so many fellow Gundam fans, both male and female, from places all around the world. We love when you recommend our site, like Mario did here, and even more when you write to us.

Have you just finished a Gunpla you’re super proud of? We’d love to see it.

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