Some of Our Favorite Gunpla 101 Reader Builds, Part 2

The best thing about starting a blog is getting to hear from people who share our hobbies. On our Contact page, we encourage readers to send us photos of their finished Gunpla, and many of you have seriously delivered. Enough that we want to make our Gunpla reader build showcase a regular column.

Here are some of our favorite new submissions. Credits go to the modelers listed below each photo.

hazel_customCan you believe this Gundam Hazel Custom is Rafael‘s first Gunpla build ever? “Assembling the pieces and seeing them turning into a robot is magic!” he told us. Check out his gallery for the full building process.


We’re nuts about the paint job on Jeffery‘s Jagd Doga build. We also featured this Char’s Counterattack mobile suit on the Gunpla 101 Facebook page.


Calvin sent us this picture of his Gundam Fenice Rinascita all the way from the Netherlands. “I do have to say it is not very easy building Gunpla since I also have pretty big hands,” he told us. “The head was so small I was actually scared I would break it somehow.”


Friend to Gunpla 101 Ashe Blitzen has been a busy builder lately. We loved her straight build of the angelic Wing Zero Endless Waltz model. As always, you can check out Ashe’s Facebook page for everything she’s working on, and believe us it’s a lot!

Oluu sent us a photo of his pink and red Strike Rouge as a Valentine’s Day greeting. “My Strike Rougue definitely got me into Gunpla even more and I’m looking forward to build more Master Grades with different designs in the future,” he said.

Note: Now that we are receiving a LOT of submissions, I can’t post every model photo sent to me. Even so, Gunpla 101 is for beginners and we don’t necessarily pick the most detailed or difficult models. Instead, you can drastically increase your chance of being featured here by providing a clear photo of your model. Check out our simple tutorial for doing so.

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  • So happy my Cunpla got featured! It was really a blast building it! Even tough it’s not a mainstream model, I like it a lot!! I want to get better at build the basics fast, so I can jump to panel lining and painting!!

    Thanks again for showing my gunpla to the world!! @[email protected] o/

    • It really looks good, Rafael. Keep it up! Looking forward to the next Reader Builds showcase already.

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