Nobody’s Perfect: My Crunchyroll Collaboration

Hello readers and new readers,

Last week, I had an amazing opportunity. One of my favorite anime streaming services, Crunchyroll, asked me to work with them to create a video in honor of Gundam Day, also known as the 38th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam.

This is my first time sharing my voice with you. But more than that, this was a vulnerable experience in many ways. I’m not exactly a video veteran.

First off, amidst my nerves I got some of the facts wrong:

  • Perfect Grade is 1/60 scale, not 1/64. My bad! I was thinking about 1/144 models at the time when I made that flub.
  • Scale and grade are not the same thing. For example, while modern High Grades are almost all 1/144, they used to mostly be 1/100 about two decades ago.
  • And of course, there are a lot more grades and scales than I mentioned. Real Grade is a notable one!

For an accurate and detailed discussion of grades and scales, check our Gunpla Grade and Scale page for all of the ones I am aware of.

Second, I am not an award-winning Gunpla builder or even an especially good one. You can see my builds clearly in my tutorials, and they are not at all blemish-free. I’ve yet to publish a tutorial on how to do impeccable builds the way the pros do (because I’m still learning), but I’ve published several on how you can cover up your mistakes with top coat, glue, and paint.

There’s a reason this site is called Gunpla 101 and not Gunpla Master Class or something. I’m no Meijin Kawaguchi. But, that’s also the whole philosophy of this site—that you don’t need to be perfect to enjoy and share your Gunpla.

Here at Gunpla 101, you won’t see perfect builds (except, of course, when I share our excellent readers’ submissions). Perfection is not our goal here. We just want you to know that whether you straight build or customize, whether you’re tackling a Master Grade or build nothing but High Grades, whether you’ve built Gunpla for years or are just getting started, you belong here.

Thanks for being a part of Gunpla 101, and remember, Gunpla is freedom!

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“Gunpla is freedom.”

Gunpla is not about being perfect, it’s about building a model you love from a show you love with your own hands. Here at Gunpla 101, we provide resources for Gunpla builders of all skill levels.

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