The Tiny, Crucial Gunpla Symbol You Might Be Missing

Last weekend, I did something I love to do: introduce a friend to Gunpla for the very first time. If you think building Gunpla is rewarding, just try teaching somebody else to do it!

My friend, whom we’ll call Andrew, has built model airplanes in the past so I wasn’t giving him my full attention like I might do for a total newbie. Instead, I was tackling a High Grade Zaku High Mobility Test Type while he took a stab at a High Grade of his own.

“Hm,” he said, clearly puzzled. “This piece looks almost identical on both sides. I don’t know what’s supposed to be the top or the bottom!”

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“That’s odd,” I said, not looking up. I was working on the arms and I always have to concentrate on those. (Is it my right or the Zaku’s right?) “Usually the instructions tell you.”

We went on in silence for awhile until Andrew spoke up.

“Wait, does that tiny little thing mean anything?”

If you’ve build Gunpla before, I think you can guess where this is going—he wasn’t paying attention to the miniscule “pay attention!” notches.

In this photo, the “pay attention!” notches are printed in red ink, but that is far from the norm. This is a photo of my Zaku High Mobility instructions, but Andrew wasn’t so lucky. Not knowing what to look for or what they might mean, he missed them completely. And who can blame him? If you haven’t built Gunpla before, what would you have thought these mean?

In older kits, “pay attention!” was notated with a black box and an exclamation mark inside, as I’ve shared in Gunpla Symbols Explained. This more minimalist approach works for experienced builders, but may catch newbies by surprise.

Let this post be my warning to you. If you see two tiny notches, “pay attention!”

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  • Is the god hand REALLY that good? I heard all the hype is from the single blade over the double blade, if thats the case couldn’t i just blunt one end myself and save myself 100$?

    • They are one of the best clippers ive ever used. Its the way it was manufactured and designed that helps it last longer and stay sharper than any other brand out there. My first god hand nippers i got back in 2014 lasted me until about half way through 2016. But that is because during that time i built well over 800 model kits from my own collection and commissions. I can say they are worth the money.

      • damn damn damn! I have been looking at a new pair of nippers, ok im sold, its 76 bucks CAD at the cheapest i can find but il put it on the long list of things to get when i can afford it haha!

      • also what are your thoughts on the gundam planet nippers?

        • Ive personally not used the gp nippers, but ive heard decent things about them.

          • Good to know, Im waiting on completing my nicer kits like my RG sinanju with a nicer pair then my tamiya starter edition, im just using that for HG kits in the meantime 😛

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