Our 2015 Gunpla Resolutions


Watch the series our Gunpla are based on.

Sometimes, I like to buy Gunpla because I think they look cool and seem fun to build, not because I’ve actually watched the series yet. And this is perfectly OK to do!

In fact, sometimes I recommend Gunpla models for shows I don’t even like. For example, Destiny Gundam is the most beautiful Master Grade model I’ve ever seen, but the Gundam Seed Destiny anime series is only so-so.

This year, however, I want to get around to watching some shows I haven’t seen yet. For example, I love the look of the Gundam X model on my shelf, and looking at those huge solar panels on its back has made me really curious about how it uses them in the show!

Learn to airbrush.

After seeing some of our readers’ gorgeous Gunpla paint jobs, I know it’s time.

I love the convenience of Gundam paint markers for touchups and detail work, but it’s time to take the next step. I want to give an entire model a custom paint job, and for a smooth look the only option that will do is airbrushing.

This resolution will take a little planning since John and I live in a one-bedroom apartment and we’ll choke on the fumes if we try to paint indoors. We’ll have to borrow a friend’s garage or driveway to do it in—and bring lots of newspaper to make sure we don’t stain it! Maybe this will have the added effect of introducing new friends to the world of Gunpla, as well.

Clean out our backlog.

It’s like pulling teeth to get me to buy new clothes, but when it comes to Gunpla, I’m a shopaholic. I’ve been buying models I see on Gundam Build Fighters Try like there’s no tomorrow—while ignoring the fact that we’ve got a pile of Gunpla kits sitting around in the living room that haven’t been built yet.

Here’s some accountability: if you don’t see a completed MG Build Strike or a Beargguy Family on here soon, we’re not doing a very good job of this!

Review more Gundam shows.

Did you know I am Anime News Network’s resident Gundam Build Fighters Try reviewer? It’s true! I love being able to watch it every week as soon as it comes out and say I’m “working.”

Of course, I’m limited by the shows that Bandai makes available in the U.S. For example, I’m not reviewing Gundam Reconguista In G because it’s not legally available where I live. But you can bet I’ll be reviewing Try until it reaches its inevitable conclusion later this year.

Spring clean our Gunpla collection.

Last year, I decluttered our Gunpla models by transferring all our extra parts from bulky cardboard boxes to a couple of labeled plastic bags. (Miss the box art? You can compress the box top or even cut out the image.) This year, I need to up my game.

We have a very small apartment with a LOT of Gunpla in it, and they all need to be dusted. We shared our Gunpla cleaning techniques earlier, so we should take our own advice and put them to use more often!

Finally, we really need to come up with a new storage solution. Right now, they sit on the shelves in front of all our Gundam anime and manga, so getting to our media is always a hassle. I’m thinking maybe a glass display case like this one might give them a place of honor while also keeping them slightly more dust-free than they are now.

Do you have any Gunpla resolutions? What are they? How do you plan to stay accountable to make sure you stick to them?

Photo of Gundam Wing Zero by Zhao !

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  • You can also put some black lights in the case and hook it to a remote to turn it on and off, that way certian models like unicorn and such will have a neat color under the backlight. I hope it becomes better for you too. i got all tehse thigns on my bookcase and imn gonna have to tart putting them in front of my other media as well.

  • I think my gunpla resolutions is to finally motivate myself to apply all the decals to all my recent builds, got lazy with them and the water slides scared me off a bit haha. Also I think I will need to work up the courage to try panel lining

    • @disqus_l9IGEYUl3w:disqus go for it! I need to make a water slides tutorial. I’ve seen some good videos, but maybe I could do a slideshow or something.

      • haha that would be brilliant 😛 Got any tips or tricks with stickers? I always end up trying to use tweezers and failing then constantly poking and prodding the sticker with something until I can finally get it in the right place xD

  • my gunpla resolutions are….. get a japaneese working visa so i can buy a neo zeong and a dendrobium :), and of course make a lot of gunpla 🙂 i’m starting the year with an MG crossbone gundam full cloth and u guys?

  • Have you guys decided to do any kind of top coat on these models when your done putting the decals on? I can help make a tutorial or tips if youd like. My resolution for this year is to complete my EW collection and to start air brushing my MG models. Then i can finally put all these decals on with these models.

  • I’m picking up airbrushing for my gunpla this year as well. I shot for the moon a bit…a HG Sinanju in Candy Red for my first airbrush job. Since you mentioned fumes in your one bedroom apartment, I have a suggestion. (I live in an apartment too) I got a portable airbrush spray booth for about $80. You can get one with an additional attachment if you want to vent everything out a window too.

  • Jeffery Febrian Lesmana
    January 26, 2015 1:03 am

    for 2015, my gunpla resolution is to make a squad, like a special force, of the following gunpla..
    rg char’s zaku + amazing booster, rg char’s z’gok, hguc dom tropen, gouf custom, jagd doga, zogok, and hgbf kampfer amazing..
    custom paint in flat black and metalllic red, and custom decal.. and then assembling mechanical chain base.. customize it with led lamp, pla plate, leftover runners, etc..
    so it will look that they have their own hangar.. 🙂
    and maybe i’ll buy a zeta.. and convert it so it will look like starscream in transformers g1 series.. 😀

  • I need to finish my Perfect Grade GP01 finally. I’ve been adding pla plate and adding panel lines….it’s time to finish the darned thing!

  • My 2015 resolution is to start buying and building the following gunpla. Starting with my very first one, the HG Tri Burning Gundam, RG Wing Gundam Zero EW, and maybe the RG Exia or the HG Gundam Portent or HG Gundam Exia Dark Matter. Who knows, maybe the MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter instead of the HG one. When the time comes of course. At their own individual months of course, with their own poses as well. Along with panel lining right out of the box assembly for all of them. This is going to be a interesting year.

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