Gundam Marker Value Set

Want to get into panel lining? Black, brown, and gray are the most common colors you’ll need. Have the correct color for every occasion with this handy set of official Gundam sumire pens.

God Hand Ultimate Nipper

The God Hand is reputed as the most high-end nipper on the market for good reason. Check out our blog post to see how this side-cutter lives up to its rave reviews.

18 x 24″ Builder’s Cutting Mat

A great mat for keeping your Gunpla building tools from digging into the kitchen table. This is good size for laying out all your materials, too.

Tamiya Model Craft Toolkit

It’s difficult to remember how we built Gunpla kits before the Tamiya Basic Tool Set. With side cutters, and X-acto knife and tweezers, it’s perfect for snipping out sprues, paring down pieces and applying sticky decals.

Mr. Super Tool Set

Bluefin is North America’s official Gunpla distributor. In 2016, they released their own toolset specifically for Gunpla. We especially love the razor-sharp X-acto knife, which comes with plenty of blade refills to make it last.

Gundam Plastic Model Catalogue 2013

Looking for a particular Gunpla model is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Make it a LOT easier with this catalogue, which lists every model built between 1980 and 2013!

Tamiya Weathering Master Set(s)

Let your favorite builder make that gunpla snowscape diorama you’ve been dreaming of with the Tamiya Weathering Master sets. They’re easy to work with and the effects bring a new level of detail to kits and dioramas.