Guide for Gift Givers: Known as RE for short, this grade has the level of complexity of a High Grade made easier by the fact that all the parts are larger, leading to a larger finished product. If your giftee has a little building experience and plenty of storage space, it’s a good pick.

RE/100 Gundam Mark III

The Reborn 100 line was released in 2015, and with it, a slew of rarer suits are now getting the models they deserve. One of the most successful of these is Zeta Gundam’s Mark III, shown here in its most detailed design yet.

RE/100 Dijeh

This model, a depiction of Amuro’s custom suit in Zeta Gundam, came out last year to commemorate the show’s 30th anniversary. It’s the first time a Dijeh has made it to Gunpla form since the ’80s, and its make and finish have improved drastically since then.

RE/100 Nightingale

Reborn 100 has meant that suits with unusual or untraditional shapes have finally made it to Gunpla form, like the Nightingale from the novel version of Char’s Counterattack. This massive kit has finally been rendered in the detail it deserves. Great for somebody looking for something a little different!

RE/100 Efreet Schneid

This is one of the more obscure models in the Gundam universe, making cameos in video games and side stories in a variety of paint jobs. We don’t recognize it well, but we love its royal purple look and the no less than 14 “heart dart” knives it wields.

RE/100 Bawoo

A silly name for a flexible, dynamic model. The Bawoo first appeared in Gundam anime in ZZ Gundam, and now it’s appearing in the larger 1/100 scale as a model for the first time.