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Perfect Grade LED Unit

If you’ve already splurged on the PG Unicorn or Banshee model, why not go the extra mile and get the LED kit, too? This kit comes with everything you need to make your Perfect Grade light up just like the real thing.

Gunpla LED, Green

Make your 2015 or 2016 kit light up from the inside with this specifically-made LED light. Made in the same place Gunpla are, it’s designed to fit inside a number of recently marketed kits—like MG Quanta and 00 Raiser—to give them an inner glow.

HG/MG Action Bases

Know a Gunpla builder with many kits and not nearly enough shelf space? Grab them an action base (or two) to go with a kit they’ve built or you can even add it on to a Gunpla gift you’ve gotten for them. We think Sparkle Red and Sparkle Green are especially seasonal.

Waterslide Decals: Universal Century

Add more detail to your kits with a set of stickers custom-made for your model’s Gundam timeline. These are designed to add more flair to Universal Century models. Check out our Waterslide tutorial to see just how simple these can be—and what a big impact they make.

HD Builders Parts

For the more adventurous builder in your life, the line of Gunpla Builder Parts make for a great stocking stuffer. Or even grab a bunch as an all-out accessories gift. From verniers to commander horns, they can use these gifts to customize their Gunpla to their heart’s content.

Lightning Base Plate Type Display Stand

Make your Gunpla displays pop with this gorgeous LED base. Works great for HG or MG models. Comes in blue, red, and green.