Alligator Clip Stick for Airbrush Hobby Model Parts

Hardcore modelers that want to get into airbrushing and top coating their kits need a good handful of these babies. They hold pieces in place securely so you can paint and airbrush with ease.

Gundam Metallic Marker Set

Harder than panel lining but easier than painting, Gunpla markers are a fun alternate way to add some pop to your model kits. We love metallics especially for giving old kits a new look, like in our Metallic Paint Markers for Gunpla tutorial.

Testors Gloss Enamel Paint Set

You can build Gunpla without painting it, but for the advanced builder, it can be a rewarding challenge to try. Choose a beginner set that’s easy on your wallet and includes all the traditional Gundam colors.

Airbrush & Compressor Combo

Airbrushing Gunpla is the crème de la crème of panting techniques! This airbrush and compressor combo set makes for a wonderful gift for the Gunpla fanatic in your life that wants to take their painting to the next level.

Portable Airbrush Booth

This portable airbrush booth is perfect for airbrushing on the go. It unfolds easily to a nice flat surface, has an exhaust fan and vent, and transports quickly and easily. Airbrushing anywhere? A dream come true!

Illuminated Multi-Power LED Head Magnifier

Gunpla builders with an eye for detail will really enjoy getting a closer look at just what those decals REALLY say! With the powerful LED light built into this headset builders can get up close and personal with small details on their kits.