Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for January-February 2018

Welcome to the first Gunpla shopping guide of 2018.

We learned a lot about building Gunpla this month. We had four new contributor posts! We also loved this tutorial on maintaining your airbrush from TotalGunpla and this video from The Builder that shows you how to make a dramatic beam saber effect. We always want to see more links from supporters of Gunpla 101, so let us know about yours.

We also got a new Gunpla series announcement! I am amped for Gundam Build Divers, which is like Gundam Build Fighters but an MMORPG? And you can be a dog who pilots a Gundam? When are those Gunpla going to start showing up?

I ask because we did not get a lot of new models this month. Like I said last time, there were a ton of re-releases in the BB Senshi Sangokuden lineup—not to mention a ton of new kits from the same show coming out in February, all celebrating the franchise being ten years old! It’s going to be a weird, super-deformed filled year for Gunpla. Let’s check it all out:

New Releases for January 2018

HGBF Striker GN-X (pictured above)

You’ve seen this one in Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue Episode 4. Three different GN-X types think they have what it takes to defeat the Meijin, and with this mech’s bulky armor and long range, they might just have a chance.

HG Act Zaku (Kycilia’s Forces)

You’ve seen the Zaku I model done up in Kycillia’s colors. Now here’s the MS-11 Action Zaku, Act for short. Great for the completionist who wants to have all the Gundam: The Origin models.

Pre-Orders for February 2018

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