Did you get any Gunpla for your winter holiday of choice? If you wanted something you didn’t get, we still have our 2017 Gunpla 101 Holiday Guide up for some late month shopping. (But who am I kidding? We keep the holiday guide up all year and just update it each November.)

With no current Gundam shows airing, things are looking a little sparse on the Gunpla front. But the selection makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity. Check it out:

New Releases for December 2017

PG Gundam Exia

It took until the holidays, but 2017 has finally gifted us with a Perfect Grade Gunpla. In fact, this is our first Perfect Grade in two years—since 2015’s PG Banshee Norn!

PG Gundam Exia (Lightning Model) (pictured at top)

I especially like this version, which comes with Bandai’s latest LED unit for lighting. It’s probably better than buying the LED separately: when I bought my PG Unicorn, I spent an extra $100 on the LED kit. That explains the higher price here. Notice that the LED is built into the Gunpla frame and can be adjusted to glow either blue, green, or pink.

HGPG Petitgguy Lockon Stratos Green & Placard (pictured above)

November brought us a Setsuna kit, and heeere’s Lockon, the coolest Gundam 00 character with the dumbest name. I’m sure Tieria Purple and Allelujah Orange aren’t far behind.

HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 2 EXAM

As a refresher, The Blue Destiny was a 1996 side story for a Sega Saturn video game. Sega Saturn makes me think of Sonic the Hedgehog and so does this distinct blue paint.

Pre-orders for January 2018

I also want to note that there are going to be a dozen re-releases in January 2018. Ten BB Senshi are getting re-released, as is HGUC G-Savior Space Mode, and several others. I usually don’t point out re-releases because they happen every month, but it’s usually not in these numbers!