Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for May 2015


It’s June 1, and just like that our Washington, DC weather seems to have gone from “It’s too cold outside; better stay in and build a Gundam” to “It’s too hot outside; better stay in and build a Gundam!” Fortunately, we have a lot of new models to choose from. Check out our list of this past month’s new releases and next month’s pre-orders.

This post is our fourth installment of featuring new releases and pre-orders for your reference. Check them out, or browse January, February, March, and April.

New releases for May 2015

MG Hyaku Shiki Version 2.0 1/100

We have one new Master Grade this month, and it’d be hard to outshine it! In brilliant gold, Hyaku Shiki gives one of Zeta’s most iconic suits a much-deserved redesign.

HGBF Denial Gundam 1/144 (pictured above)

Like I’d be able to pass up a Gunpla with so much purple glitter! This brilliant foil to the Build Burning literally sparkles with possibility.

HG Guntank Early Type

Who else watched Gundam: The Origin and was amazed at the major roles of some of the otherwise widely forgotten suits? It had me looking at the humble Guntank in a new light.

HGUC V2 Assault Buster Gundam

This is a really versatile kit. You can use the parts to build V2 Assault, V2 Buster or V2 Assault Buster Gundam. And at High Grade, the only hard part is picking which one!


HGBF Gundam The End 1/144 (pictured)

It’s finally here: Adou Saga’s terrifying custom build from Gundam Build Fighters Try. This is such a unique, creepy model and there’s nothing like that wearable shield on any other.

HG Dahak 1/144

Yet another downright odd model from Gundam Reconguista in G. This suit’s geometric look reminds me of Porygon from Pokémon.

MS Sword 01

A set of swords for the experienced builder. Use these to add custom elements to any 1/144 model—though you’ll need to paint them first. The price is certainly right!

MS Vernier 03

Sixteen nozzles and accompanying bases to customize your 1/144 scale kits. Like the previous sword kit, we think this is for experienced builders only.


Petit Bearguy: Future Pink, Burning Red, Lightning Blue, and Winning Yellow (pictured)

These are so tiny and adorable—I want them all! However, $40 is a lot to spend on four very small, simple Gunpla, so I would try checking for deals at conventions before buying online.

Pre-orders for June 2015


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