Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for March 2015


A new month just began, and you know what that means. Time to reflect on last month’s releases and get excited for next month’s pre-orders!

This post is our third installment of featuring the month’s new releases—and next month’s pre-orders—for your reference. Check them out, or browse January and February.

New releases for March 2015

MG Gundam Double X 1/100 Scale (pictured above)

Another month, another Master Grade—not sure what we did to deserve this, but I for one am excited. The pictures don’t show it, but yes it comes with a mirror sheet to let you depict Gundam X’s signature ability.

HG V Dash Gundam 1/144

Twin boosters make this model especially tall for a High Grade. One of the great things about Victory Gundam suits are their glossy pink beam shields, and this one is no exception.


HG G-Reco Gundam G-Lucifer 1/144 (pictured above)

This one reminds me of Frieza from Dragon Ball Z, thanks to its oddly familiar color scheme and shape. Its oddly shaped feet look ideal for aerial poses.

HG G-Reco Mac Knife (Mask Use) 1/144

I am never going to get over just how weird these Gundam Reconguista in G models all look. This one looks to be half Super Robot, half Neon Genesis Evangelion angel.

HGBF Wing Gundam Zero Flame 1/144

This burning-bright model comes from a side story of Gundam Build Fighters Try that I haven’t seen yet since it’s not available in my country. Even so, I can admire its flaming wings.


HGBF Gundam Portant 1/144 (pictured above)

Shia’s seafoam model from Gundam Build Fighters Try. It’s only a High Grade, but still comes with a stand so you can put it in its trademark graceful poses.

HGBC Gundam Portant Weapon Set

Gundam Portant’s weapon is sold separately. It’s plain white, but has an elegant, birdlike shape. It appears to come with a GP Base, too.

SDBF S × D × G Gundam

Combine these SD Gunpla to make the dragon transformation that the triplets have in Gundam Build Fighters Try. So far, nobody is able to verify whether the kit comes with just one SD model, or all three. If you’ve bought it already, please let us know!

Pre-Orders for April 2015

Real Grade Gundam 00 Raiser 1/144

Reborn-One Hundred Gundam GP04G Gerbera 1/100

HG G-Self with Assault Pack 1/144

High Grade Catsith 1/144

HGBF Transient Gundam 1/144

HGBF Crossbone X-1 Full Cloth Ver. 1/144

SDBF Lightning Gundam

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  • Mario Lebel
    May 3, 2015 7:53 am

    This is the first time I’ve seen the look of oen of the Reconguista in G mobile suits and they’re ugly! Why are they so strange looking? I usually like it when gundams try to stray from the classic gundam look but this is going too far in a direction that we haven’t really seen before. At least, a direction I haven’t really seen before with a gundam series. It looks so out of place with the other models listed above.

    • @mariolebel:disqus they’re definitely weird ones. I can’t really put my finger on it. Some of them look like super robots; some of them look like lab experiments; none of them are what I’m used to. Wait until you see what came out in April!