Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for July-August 2018

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Last month I told you that John and I were moving! Now the move is done, and the Gunpla is about half unpacked. We’ve had relatively few casualties to that point, and for the unlucky few, well, I’m not afraid to use superglue to fix broken Gunpla parts.

We’ve barely unpacked and now we’re gearing up for Otakon! We’ll be giving three panels about mecha anime, and two are about Gundam in particular. Read about them on my personal blog and see if you’d like to attend. John and I would love to meet you!

After Otakon I’m looking forward to settling into my new place and setting up a work area for building Gunpla. If you’re also looking for something new to build, check out the latest releases:

New Releases for July 2018

HGBD Gundam 00 Diver Ace (pictured at top)

And here’s Riku’s second (of surely many!) Gunpla kit from Gundam Build Divers. It includes bonus clear red and green runners that can be used to make an alternate head.

HG GM Guard Custom

This GM variant comes from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Mobile Suit Discovery (or MSD for short). It’s part of a mecha design series that ran in Gundam Ace magazine. Highlights include a full-length shield and a clear visor that can lower or lift over the model’s eye area.

HGBD Gundam Jiyan Altron (pictured above)

Tigerwolf’s dragon-like mobile suit is inspired by Wufei’s Altron from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. The bright yellow and green combined with wolf and tiger custom parts make it feel almost bizarre enough to fit into the G-Gundam universe.

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Zaku II

I wrote about the Cross Silhouette series last month. You can build a leaner, more poseable Zaku II using this new SD skeleton (not included). Or, you can use a standard SD inner frame (included) to make it look like a cuter, more exaggerated SD kit.

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Cross Silhouette Frame [Gray]

And here’s the skeleton you use to turn the Cross Silhouette outer parts into the dynamic looking new take on the SD series. This can work for the Zaku II above, or the previously released Silhouette Nightingale, Silhouette Crossbone Gundam X1, or others.

MG Jegan

At last, one of the most popular grunt suits ever gets its own Master Grade. This Char’s Counterattack suit has an interior skeleton for improved poseability. It also comes with a sturdy stand so you can position it in flying poses.

HGBD Galbaldy Rebake

In the Gundam Build Divers universe, this mashup was invented by the resident Gunpla expert Koichi. As fitting to his character, this detailed suit is all about function over form. Comes with a massive medieval weapon, as you’d expect for an Iron-Blooded Orphans throwback.

Haropla Haro Happy Yellow

This does not seem to be poseable at all. It has three different looks that come from how many pieces are attached to the default round Haro ball. It’s very tiny like a Petitgguy, but perhaps more like a figure than a Gunpla model.

HGUC Byarlant (pictured above)

Take one look at this Zeta Gundam classic and you’ll be saying, “That sure was made in the ‘80s.” With red and yellow highlights on a spiky frame, it has a retro super-robot look. These are some of the least humanoid proportions I’ve seen on a Gundam mech.

HGBC Binder Gun

Use these parts to create a dual-sided blade, shield, or gun. Or combine every part in the kit to create one massive rifle. Can be paired with any HG Gunpla.

Pre-Orders for August 2018