There’s a good reason for this month’s late shopping guide: John and I are are moving! It’s hectic to be sure, and one of the most important pieces of the puzzle is figuring out how to safely transport our Gunpla to the new place with minimal breakage. I’m thinking bubble wrap will be a key factor, but I’d love to hear anyone’s suggestions.

There’s been some moving and shaking on the Gundam front, too. As we move into the second half of Gundam Build Divers, we’re seeing a lot of kits from the show come out. Additionally, there’s a new line of SD kits with a lot of adaptability. Check out what’s new for June, and what’s coming up for pre-order this July, below. As usual, if you see any misprints or want to share something cool I might have missed, stick it in the comments!

New Releases for June 2018

RE/100 Vigna Ghina (pictured at top)

I love how RE/100 is bringing us kits too elaborate to be properly rendered in HG. This aristocratic commander type reminds me that while Mobile Suit Gundam F91 was a little out there, Cecily Fairchild’s taste in mobile suits was just the right kind of fancy.

HGUC Galbaldy Beta

Galbaldy Beta hasn’t had a Gunpla release in 33 years! The last one, which came out in 1985 shortly after Zeta Gundam did, was only one color and didn’t snap together—you had to use glue. Meanwhile, this one is extremely poseable with a sliding shield gimmick.

HGUC Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Destroy Mode) (Narrative Ver.)

I don’t know enough about Narrative yet to be all that excited, but this gorgeous golden Phenex version makes me think if they put the same amount of detail into the anime, it’ll be great.

HGBD Geara Ghirarga (pictured)

Stick the prehensile tail on this Gundam’s butt, or put it in its hand as a whip. Having just watched Gundam AGE, I appreciate this contrast-color take on Zeheart’s suit in part two. No word yet on whether this kit cries real tears like it does in Gundam Build Divers episode 9.


This kit doesn’t look as plain as the official art of this suit. Still, it’s just as simple as the Gundam Wing version was. Great for minimalists, or as a base for a more elaborate customization.

HGBC Ptolemaios Arms (pictured)

I really like this concept: take the Ptolemaios from Gundam 00 and turn it into a rehashed accessory. It can also stand on its own as a mini version of the ship it is based on.

HGBC Spinning Blaster

Another versatile accessory from the Divers universe: a weapon with three modes.

Haropla Haro Control Blue

Another Haro color! The price should be a big hint at just how tiny these are. I’m seeing them as the new replacement for the Petit Beargguy line.

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette RX-78-2 Gundam

The following five kits are a new innovation on the SD line. The Cross Silhouette is a taller, leaner take on the cutesy super-deformed norm. Keep in mind: this looks just like a regular SD kit, but the parts are compatible with the new Cross Silhouette inner frame (not included).

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette RX-78-2 Gundam & Cross Silhouette Frame Set (pictured)

This kit allows builders to choose which frame they want to use. It comes with a more classic SD inner skeleton and the Cross Silhouette inner skeleton. The aforementioned kit just lets you build an SD kit; this one lets you build it on either a regular SD or Cross Silhouette frame.

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Crossbone Gundam X1

Another kit coming to the brand new line. Once again, this looks just like a regular SD kit, but the parts are compatible with the new Cross Silhouette inner frame (not included).

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Nightingale

For the third time: if you build this kit, it’s going to be a newer-looking but pretty standard SD kit. It will not take on the Cross Silhouette form unless you also buy the inner frame!

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Cross Silhouette Frame [White]

… What inner frame, you ask? This one! Includes a GM head because why not.

Pre-Orders for July 2018