Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for August-September 2016

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This Labor Day weekend, I had some friends over to build Gunpla. I had five unbuilt Petit Beargguys, passed them around to everyone who wanted one, and got them all built. Beargguys are perfect for beginners, and I love having a spare around for friends.

This month brings us two new Beargguy releases, and you can thank the pending return of Gundam Build Fighters TRY (and the recent Island Wars release) for that. New shows mean new Gunpla, so check out this month’s new releases and pre-orders:

New Releases for August 2016

RG MSN-06S Sinanju (pictured at top)

Sinanju is a favorite here at Gunpla 101. Both Mario and Milky have done builds. It’s about time this flashy Zeon model gets a Real Grade kit.

HGUC Hyaku Shiki

Speaking of flashy, here’s the latest take on everyone’s favorite metallic gold model. With every Gunpla generation, that gold plastic gets just a little bit crisper.

SD Gundam Barbatos DX

This is one weird SD kit that almost seems to have the proportions of a person. On second thought, a Gundam humanoid hybrid is kind of a cute idea, perfect for the SD line.


Pronounced Double Z-Two, this is a brand new build from Gundam Build Fighters TRY: Island Wars built by Minato Sakai. It’s based on the ZII from a Gundam ZZ side story.


HGBF Gyancelot (pictured above)

Aww yes, it’s Gyanko’s new Island Wars build! (Gyanko is my fav.) This takes Gyan’s already-knightly features and turns them up to 11, the way Build Fighters kits often do.

HGPG Pandagguy

What a cutie! This is the first tri-colored Petit Beargguy kit I’ve seen (black, white, and green). It’s likely that a lot of the color comes from sticker application, so get ready for that.

HGBC Gya Eastern Weapons

A combo set of weapons for Build Fighters models. There’s a small rifle, a large rifle, and a lance. They’re all the same gray color so you can paint them to match any kit.

HGBC The Northern Pod

A support unit that appears to also be wearable as a shield. It’s another one of those accessories for customizing your Build Fighters kits without using putty or anything.


HG Gundam Astaroth Origin (pictured above)

Here’s a model I’ve never seen before, apparently from a side story of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. It’s a hardy looking model, but flashier than most Orphans builds.

Pre-orders for September 2016