Gunpla 101 Kit Review: SD Neo Zeong

It’s SD Week! This week at Gunpla 101, we’re be giving Gunpla’s littlest kit size a lot of love with a review every week day. Review #2 comes from Nanochi, reviewing the SD Neo Zeong, an iconic Gundam Unicorn model first released in 2014.


First Impressions

The SD Neo Zeong is Super Deformed scale, but it’s anything but tiny! Since the Neo Zeong is designed as a mobile suit worn by another mobile suit, the SD Neo Zeong is big enough to fit any other SD kit inside it. This thing is massive, rivaling even Master Grade in terms of width and height, but being an SD, it’s of course much simpler to put together.


Design and colors

An average Master Grade kit has at least 10 different runners—so I didn’t expect this SD kit to have 15! However, even though it has 15 different sprues full of parts, you’ll find there are fewer, larger parts than there would be on a more complicated Gunpla scale.

The reason why there are so many runners is because of this—this kit is really two SD kits in one box. The Neo Zeong is technically mobile armor worn by another suit, as stated before. Here, you get that ginormous armor, plus the SD Sinanju that pilots it, just like in the show. As a result, you get four sprues dedicated just to connective polycaps. Usually, you’ll get one or two polycap sprues in a kit, so with two kits it makes sense that this is doubled.

In terms of colors, you predominantly get two shades of red: bright red for Sinanju, and a deeper maroon for the Neo Zeong armor. Other than that, much of the coloring comes from stickers—such as white trim, and gold for the crest. The mobile armor itself is made up of very large parts, most of it red for the outer armor, with a little bit of grey mixed in for the arms and the bottom part of the suit which holds up the SD Sinanju.

The overall looks of the mobile armor looks fantastic, even compared to its MASSIVE HG counterpart. In terms of details on the armor itself, however, the Sinanju and weapons have very little detail out of the box. You’ll need to apply all the stickers from the kit, or if you’re not a sticker fan, lots and lots of painting, to make it stand out.

Although the shield of the Sinanju does look fantastic, even in the mini SD form. The kit even comes with a stand in order to hold the mobile armor up. You can lean the armor forward as if it was charging towards Unicorn and Banshee.



This kit is very simple to put together, and for the size and the price, it’s a much easier build than if you had gotten the HG size. This is a great option for younger or less experienced builders.

In fact, it wasn’t putting the kit together that I had difficulty with, but getting the SD Sinanju into the Neo Zeong armor for the first time. The armor has to be taken apart from the big sections in order to put the Sinanju into the suit. Afterwords, you build the armor around the Sinanju again. Kind of a lot of work considering that after you can only see its head! Maybe that’s why a lot of fans have chosen to instead put anime Nenderoid figure heads on the mobile armor.


Due to its size, this is a little more posable than your standard SD kit. The mobile armor’s arms and boosters can be easily manipulated. Another great gimmick is that the front panels of the suit open up for the hyper bazookas to fire as they did in the show. With the Sinanju itself however, the articulation is much more limited, as you’d expect for a regular SD kit. It’s a bonus, however, that its singular eye moves as you turn the head for some great added effect.

Mobile armor with Nendoroid heads, via.
Mobile armor with Nendoroid heads, via.

Weapons and accessories

This comes with a lot of extras: the Psycho Shard Generator, Beam Rifle, Beam Saber, Beam Tomahawk x2, Grenade Launcher, Shield, Bazooka, and a display stand. While there are no extra hands for the kit, to be honest, it doesn’t need any since you will most likely have the Sinanju in the armor where its hands can’t be seen.

The clear yellow energy ring effect part looks great, though. You even get a smaller ring to put on the shield when it is connected to the back of the mobile armor to put as a halo above Sinanju’s head.

Final verdict

If you want to get a Neo Zeong Gunpla without spending hundreds of dollars, this kit is for you.  Even if you don’t like the Sinanju, you can fit other SD Gunpla kits and even anime figures inside the armor instead! While as big as a master grade, it’s still an SD in terms of difficulty and is meant to be put together in an hour or less. This is a SD that everyone should have, for the sheer way it’ll effortlessly stand out in your collection due to size alone.

Have you built an SD Neo Zeong? What did you think?

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  • Daniel Gilley
    June 21, 2016 10:56 am

    Hey- great review. I’m pretty new to Gunpla, I’ve only completed about 4 HG kits so far. I have started working on this SD kit recently, and I just don’t see how it can be completed in only an hour, even with the most basic nub removal. Am I just abnormally slow in my kit building? Curious what your thoughts are.

    • Heya thanks for the compliment. As for the time frame to be honest there is no real set frame for completing kits. Ive personally had to put this kit together several times so my speed might be a bit unrealistic with how familiar i am with it. Always take your time for kits, even with basic nub removal. I tend to spend 20+ minutes per part on every kit as i do loads of sanding and polishing before i put a part together.

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