Your 2022 Holiday Gunpla Gift Guide

We’re barely into November and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but for some reason, my local mall has a Christmas tree up. That’s right, it’s ALREADY time to start your holiday shopping, and it seems like the wheels of capitalism drive that start date forward every year.

In years past, I’ve dutifully updated our Gunpla 101 holiday gift guide with the latest kits, but with not one but TWO Newtypes toddling around at Gunpla 101 HQ now (and yes, they are both named after Gundam characters) I simply don’t have it in me this year. 

Luckily, our new affiliate partner, Hobbylink Japan, has stepped in to fill in the gap.

Click any of the Hobbylink holiday banners on this page or in our site’s sidebar to shop all things Gunpla and beyond for the holidays while also supporting us and our contributing writers. The link goes directly to their general guide where you can select more specific categories like Gunpla, Anime & Games, or Scale Models. You can shop Gifts for Gunpla Beginners, 50 Gifts for SD Gundam Fans, 28 Gundam Stationary Gifts, 40 Books For Gundam Geeks, Tools to Upgrade Your Workbench, and lots more. Seriously, they have a team working on these collections and there is way more to scroll through than you’ll find on the humble holiday guide that I put together just working by myself. 

One Hobbylink promotion I want to make sure you know about: if you do get a head start on your holiday shopping at this early date, you’ll instantly receive a coupon for an extra 10% off anything you buy on Black Friday. It’ll be good for the duration of Hobbylink’s Black Friday sale.

Thanks for reading our little ad. Here at Gunpla 101, we keep the lights on mainly with Amazon affiliate sales, but we’re particularly interested in promoting our partnership with Hobbylink Japan because they’re a company that cares about Gunpla as much as we do, and that’s more than we can say for the other place. Have a fantastic holiday season, and now I’ll get back to working on your regularly-scheduled Gunpla 101 tutorials and reviews!

Lead image of a homemade Ball Gundam Christmas ornament by Ashe Blitzen!

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