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Often considered the goofy little cousin of your average Gunpla, SD or “super deformed” Gunpla have taken their place as works of art in recent years. In Gundam Build Fighters Try episode 4, an SD on SD battle that could have been played for laughs was shown in a serious light in deference to the impressiveness of these often overlooked models.

John and I want to buy a bunch of SD Gunpla and decorate a Christmas tree with them! But until we get ourselves together and do that, there’s plenty of admiring to do…

1. SD Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Model Kit

After building the fully articulated SD Unicorn Gundam, this green version is a step up in more ways than one. Not only can you transform this build from Unicorn mode to Psycho Frame, but it also carries an entire miniature arsenal.

2. SD Musha Godmaru 

If you’ve been watching Gundam Build Fighters Try, you’ve seen this impressive SD model and its many forms. We love this version’s halo, which makes it look less like a machine and more like a god of the battlefield.

3. SD Unicorn Gundam Phenex 

As if the metallic gold frame wasn’t decadent enough, shimmering opalescent details peek through the main armor like gemstones. A beautiful Gunpla to give or receive.

4. Legend BB Full Armor Knight Gundam

Caroline Yajima’s Gunpla of choice from Gundam Build Fighters. Knight Gundam is the star of his own ridiculous ’70s cartoon, in which he fights monsters and saves a princess. Fitting for a knight in shining armor!

5. SD Kishin Daishougun Shiryuuou Kirahagane Gokusaii Version 

This is Gunpla modeling elevated to an art form. Kishin has at least five forms, all included within this same kit. If we made a Gunpla Christmas tree, this would be the star on top!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our entire Gundam Holiday Shopping Guide!

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