Review: RG OZ-00MS Tallgeese EW

In 2018, the OZ-00MS Tallgeese joined the Real Grade line, offering Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz fans a chance to build the Hajime Katoki’s iconic design with all of Bandai Hobby’s latest plastic model construction technology. But does the model live up to Zechs Merquise’s formidable mobile suit? Follow along with Nerissa as they give this kit a test-drive.

Ever since Gundam Wing first aired in 1995, the Tallgeese has been a fan favorite. Its unique design and imposing roman motifs—along with a lovably silly name—have made it a popular choice for Gunpla. As such, my expectations for the 1/144 RG Tallgeese EW were high. 

However, the model isn’t quite as easy to love as its namesake. This kit left me feeling conflicted; for every thing the model gets right, there’s a glaring issue somewhere else. 

First impressions

Fresh out of the box, the Tallgeese looks great. It boasts plenty of stickers which are almost entirely optional, much to the relief of lazy people like me. The kit has several fun gimmicks and runners that are sensibly laid out. It also comes with a tiny Zechs!

The only downside to me was the weapons selection, or lack thereof. This wouldn’t be a problem for every builder, but as someone who loves to switch out guns and beam sabers, to me this was a little disappointing.

Color and Design

Colorwise, there’s nothing to complain about here. Unlike UC’s mint-white GMs, the Tallgeese is a clean and pleasant white. If a little simple, its solid whites trimmed with black and gold are beautiful. 

The real problems start with the kit’s design. The waist connection is very weak, and I almost immediately broke it. Plastic cement can fix this at the expense of flexibility. If you’re like me and improvise with cheaper materials, fabric glue can also do the trick. Even though it’s a core part of the kit, I was able to repair it and move on with construction. 


This kit isn’t particularly difficult. Everything fits together as it should, for the most part. If you find yourself frustrated while building this kit, as I occasionally did, it will likely be because you’re dealing with accidental breaks or stiff parts. (Since this kit relies on strength to hold up its heavy gun and shield, some of the parts may be rigid in order to bear that weight.) 

The stickers are easy to apply and make the suit look great. I found that the gun was a little hard to get into place, but once in place, it held its position well.

The gun’s connection to the shoulder broke and bent slightly while getting the arm in place.


Overall, I was not impressed with this kit’s articulation. A heavy gun means this suit is built more for stability than for movement. Its limb articulation is average, and the head can be a little stiff. These rigid parts mean that posing can be especially difficult compared to other Real Grade models. 

That’s why my recommendation is that you get a display stand meant for 1/144 scale models. With its heavy backpack and poor articulation, this Tallgeese is a suit meant to be displayed in flight. Put it on an Action Base, and it will be the star of your collection. Leave it on the ground, and it will fall over every time you brush past your Gunpla shelf.


The back thrusters are my favorite gimmick from any Gunpla so far. They’re fun, look great, and most importantly are strong while being easily manipulated. They make for some really fun poses, especially in flight.

Final verdict

This kit is great for veterans, but comes with a number of potential drawbacks that I wanted to point out in my review so you can be informed before you buy. A gentle hand should be able to avoid the more grievous problems, and the reward is a beautiful suit that looks fantastic. Just put it on an Action Base, or be prepared for a lifetime of picking up this goose off the floor!

Nerissa Mercer is an avid Gundam and mecha fan, who got hooked into Gunpla with the Seven Eleven Acguy and hasn’t looked back since. They can be found at @rainmirage_art on Twitter.

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