Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam: Photoshoot

Thanks for your patience everyone! As we get ready for our tiny Newtype to arrive, our house and schedules have been a mess and it took longer than planned to do our final photo shoot. But we’ve finally gotten some photos we’re halfway happy with and are ready to show off the completed PG Unicorn Gundam at last.

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After the 21-day main build was completed, it only took us 2 nights to finish up all of the weapons and accessories: the shield, beam magnum, beam sabers, hyper bazooka, extra ammo cartridge, and twin gatling guns. After that, it was just a matter of finding a good place to photograph. The PG is too big for our lightbox, so we had to make do.

During the photography process, we also went through the intimidating process of transforming the kit from Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode. Some sections slid out easily, but others needed to be pried with a special wedge that comes with the kit! We couldn’t have done it without Syd’s video from Hobbylink, which is available here. Not sure if we will also attempt Unchained Mode later on—it has so many delicate pieces that stick out!

You’ll notice I haven’t put the dry-transfer icons on the model yet. After stickers, dry-transfer icons are the easiest type of icons to apply (don’t get me started on waterslides)! But there are a ton of them, so I’ve been putting it off. Besides, my favorite way to admire the PG Unicorn, whether in Unicorn Mode or Destroy Mode, is when all the lights are off and only its inner glow is visible. Pictures don’t do justice to how breathtaking this looks.

Thank you for joining us on our very first Perfect Grade build! It was a big leap up from Master Grade, and we definitely broke a piece or two in the process, but we’ve come out on the other side. After this, I realize that anyone with enough confidence, patience, and grit can embark on their own Perfect Grade journey—even if they’re not pros, just amateurs who call themselves “Gunpla 101.” 

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