Meet Gunpla 101 at Otakon!

Didn’t catch us at Katsucon or Anime Boston? Here’s your third chance this year to meet your friendly Gunpla 101 webmasters Lauren and John.

We will be walking around the con in our Gunpla 101 shirts on Friday and Sunday, so if you see them in these colors, that’s probably us (or else another fan of the site, which is still a win).

The best time to see us is on Sunday at 10:15 AM in Panel 5. We will be giving an hour long panel called—what else?—Gunpla is Freedom. Look for it in your Otakon schedule!

At our panel, we will be giving away Gundam manga and 10+ Gunpla kits (including most of these) so even if you’re already a Gunpla master, it’s worth stopping by to say hi.

Hope to see you at Otakon!

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“Gunpla is freedom.”

Gunpla is not about being perfect, it’s about building a model you love from a show you love with your own hands. Here at Gunpla 101, we provide resources for Gunpla builders of all skill levels.

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