Meet Gunpla 101 at Otakon!


Interested in getting to know the team behind Gunpla 101? If you’re attending Otakon 2016, this is your chance.

John and I will be walking around Otakon wearing the shirts in the photo above, so even if you’ve never seen our faces, you can’t miss us!

Better yet, we’re presenting a Gundam fan panel. Called “37 Years of Gundam Anime,” it’s what it says on the tin. Detailed description:

Haven’t watched all 37 years of Gundam yet? Do you feel overwhelmed and not know where to start? Join us as Gunpla 101 covers the best and worst of Gundam-detailing those awesome highlights and unintentionally hilarious lowlights-to get you caught up.

Our panel is tentatively going to be at 10 AM on Sunday, August 14, but the Otakon schedule is always subject to change.

Other places you can find us: attending other Gundam fan panels, photographing the Gundam cosplay meetup, and buying too much Gunpla in the dealer’s room.

If you see us, come say hi! We always love chatting with readers.

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  • Would you be making like a recap video or something over the panel? For those that can not make it there.

    • I second this great idea! I’m particularly interested in the “unintentionally hilarious lowlights” you mentionned.

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