Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for November-December 2017

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How did your #Gundamber go? I’ve been loving what I see in the Twitter hashtag—so many great builds, and especially those that people had been putting off. If you participated and cleared out some of your building backlog, maybe it’s time to buy something new?

There’s a lot that came out this past month, but as loyal reader Manpig noted, I was wrong about PG Exia coming out in November. We’ll just have to wait until December, and in the meantime we can take a look at some of these beauties:

New Releases for November 2017

MG GM Sniper Custom

Do you know about Mobile Suit Variations (MSV)? Suits like this Sniper Custom do not appear in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime but are considered canon anyway. I like the understated paint job paired with a seriously old school silhouette.

RG Johnny Ridden’s Zaku II (pictured above)

Another MSV, featuring a suit belonging to a pilot that never appears in the anime (though he does appear in manga and games). He’s known as the “Crimson Lightning” which explains this awfully familiar colorway. I feel like MSV is Bizarro World for Gundam canon.

HGBF Cherudim Gundam Saga Type GBF

We’re getting more recursive by the month: this kit is just like the Gundam 00V Cherudim, but as it appears in Gundam Build Fighters. It comes with seven guns, count ‘em!

HGBC 24th Century Weapons

Or, if you don’t want the Cherudim, you can just buy its seven guns separately. I’d love to hear from a reader getting use out of these accessories, because I don’t see the appeal yet. Maybe it’s because I’m not really into customizing my kits on that level.

HG Zaku Half Cannon

Have you watched Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin V: Clash at Loum yet? If so, this Zaku Half Cannon may look familiar. Like with most Origin kits, I’m just glad to see old kits getting brand new articulation and poseability.

HG Zaku I (Kycilia’s Forces) (pictured above)

Ditto on this kit. I must admit the pitch-black colorway is striking. Imagine it with a matte topcoat!

SD Legend BB Musha Gundam Mark Three (pictured at top)

Did you know BB Senshi kits got their name because when they were first sold in the ‘80s, they came with BB guns? This old line is getting some new life with a shiny silver and gold Musha.

HGPG Petitgguy Setsuna F Seiei Blue & Placard

In 2017, it’s never a new month of Gunpla without a new Petitgguy, too! This is the first of a set of four—can you guess who the others will be named after?

Pre-orders for December 2017