Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for May-June 2017

Another month on the books, and hopefully you built some new Gunpla in that time! I wrote about two of my recent builds for Anime News Network: the Master Grade Build Gundam Mark II, and the HG Io Frame Shiden. You should check them out!

If you’re looking for a new build of your own, May offered some neat new Gunpla—and as I wrote last week, new Gunpla are the best kits for all skill levels to build. Check out the latest, and see if there’s one that’s calling your name.

New Releases for May 2017

HG Gundam Ground Type S (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.) (pictured at top)

Old and busted: beam sabers. New hotness: beam javelins. I love the innovation on this not-so-boring ground type that plays a major role in Gundam Thunderbolt’s second season. 

HGBF Gundam Schwarzritter

Another kit where accessories steal the spotlight: dual-wield with this Gundam’s two-toned swords, or combine them into one massive buster sword!

HGUC Barzam (pictured above)

Another weird old suit joins the HGUC line. This time, the distinctly vintage Barzam from Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans makes its mono-eyed way into present day.

HGPG Petitgguy Rusty Orange & Placard

This beargguy is an orangish-brown and holds a blank sign, on which you can write whatever you want. Maybe it’ll be explained in the next Gundam Build Fighters installment?

HGPG Petitgguy Surfacer Gray & Placard 

Same thing but in gray. I believe they’ve produced one in every possible color now.

SD Legend BB Mark Three Daishougun (pictured above)

An elaborate gilded SD fit for a samurai, this suit also transforms! Build its winged form or its quadroped form for an eye-catching super-deformed gem.

Pre-orders for June 2017

Let me know if you have any thoughts/corrections/deals in the comments. See you next month!