I don’t know about you, but in my neck of the woods things are looking pretty dark. Current events have everything in chaos. I recently saw a flyer warning me to look out for particular symbols, but they looked like the Zeon crest and Zanscare Empire to me. Who would have thought my Gundam knowledge would be so timely or so relevant?

Anyway when I can’t take the news anymore, I like to switch off the TV and build models. It feels good to make something with my hands. No matter what’s going on in the world, we always have the relaxing escape of Gunpla. This month saw 6 new High Grade models, a new Master Grade, and one seriously cool SD, making it the perfect time to add to your collection.

New Releases for January 2017

MG GM Sniper II (pictured above)

I love when we get a new version of a kit from an old show. This Sniper II first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam: War in the Pocket, one of my favorites!

HG Helmwige Reincar

While McGillis’s Grimgerde is light and precise, his assistant Isurugi’s Reincar is the opposite, bulky and loaded up with armor.

HG Rouei

In Iron-Blooded Orphans, both Lafter and Azee have piloted this high mobility suit. Rouei can be translated as “Leaked Shadow,” hinting at the build’s riff on the Hyakuren model.

HG Hekija

Another suit piloted by Lafter and Azee. This Teiwaz suit has a pair of bayonet blades on its forearms that really bring home Orphans’ medieval fighting style.

HGUC GM Ground Type

A brand new kit from 08th MS Team? It’s about time! I’m so glad they’re building new kits for fans of some of these old favorites. I mean, I like Iron-Blooded Orphans but over the last few months it’s been a little tedious to see nothing but kits from that show.

HGBF Lunagazer Gundam (pictured at top)

Still don’t know if Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready is coming to North America, but at least I can build its sweet mobile suits. This is Lady Kawaguchi’s model in the manga.

HG Guncannon Maneuver Test Type / Firepower Test Type

This versatile High Grade kit can be built two ways: as the Mobility Test Type or the Firepower Test Type, both seen in Gundam: The Origin.

SD EX Gundam Barbatos Lupus (pictured above)

In SD form, the Lupus looks downright feral with exaggerated wolfish attributes.

Pre-orders for February 2017