Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for October-November 2020

As I indicated last month, there’s nothing airing and no major milestones to celebrate. Combined with pandemic-related delays in production and shipping, and we’re in the biggest Gunpla dry spell I’ve witnessed in the years since I started this column in January 2015! Between fewer Gunpla releases and global quarantining, nobody is going to have any excuses about not wrapping up their backlogs! Here’s this month’s two new releases:

New Releases for October 2020

HGUC Baund Doc (pictured at top)

You can tell from the loud color scheme and unique silhouette of this bell-shaped oddity that it’s an older model, from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam to be specific. This asymmetrical suit will stand out in any collection in either its mobile suit form or bizarre “lower half only” construction. More than 7 inches tall, it dwarfs the Zeta Gundam and makes for truly striking diorama scenes. 

HGAC Gundam Heavyarms (pictured above)

I have a soft spot for this aptly named suit that is exactly what its name describes. Accordingly, it’s the weapons and extras that make the High Grade After Colony version of the kit special, from the infamous Beam Gatling Gun on its left arm to the huge retractable army knife on its right. Build it in its “Full Open” configuration to display its full firepower at a glance. 

Pre-Orders for November 2020

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