Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for November-December 2020

Anybody else having a weird, low-key winter? Guess we’ll have time for more Gunpla building without all of that pesky “seeing our loved ones for the holidays” stuff. With our birthdays this month as well, it’s time to partake in some retail therapy! Definitely check out contributor Doug Wilder’s gift ideas for builders that aren’t just more kits, plus our mega holiday guide.

But if you’re looking specifically for the latest kits, look no further. As always, I’ve rounded up the kits that came out last month and what’s available for preorder in the coming month.

New Releases for November 2020

MG Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver.Ka (pictured at top)

Don’t say nothing good came out of 2020. This is a completely new mold of the Endless Waltz Wing Zero. This immaculately detailed kit comes with waterslide details and its own display stand. BTW, how old were you when you learned that the EW suits are the exact same as the mid-season upgrades from Gundam Wing, but the art design was so different that in America they labeled them “custom” to make sense of it? I was today years old

HGBD:R Load Astray Double Rebake (pictured above)

There are still quite a few more Re:RISE kits coming out. This one, made jointly by minor characters Koichi and Tsukasa, doesn’t figure hugely in the show, but its fierce, bladed exterior cuts an elegant figure. The “double” part of the name refers to its main gimmick: this kit can fully transform to the “Reverso” mode, with a whole new look.

Pre-Orders for December 2020

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