Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for November-December 2016


Did you guys know I do podcasts? I was on two Gundam-related podcasts this month. The first was Women in Gundam with Josh Dunham of Senpai Coast to Coast. Turns out we both really like Four from Zeta Gundam. The second was Wave Motion Cast – Talking Gundam. If you want to know the story of the shirtless Duo Maxwell poster I had as a teen, well, I tell it.

Being on podcasts with other fans made me realize what a good time 2016 has been for people to get into Gundam for the first time. So many DVD and Blu-Ray releases and, of course, so many great Gunpla releases, too. Here’s what November brought to us:

New Releases for November 2016


HG IO Frame Shiden (pictured above)

A tough-looking oxblood colored suit with a massive shield. This is the “Zaku” of Tekkadan that everybody pilots, but I don’t get sick of looking at its imposing proportions.

HG Geyreal

So many alternate spellings for Iron-Blooded Orphans Gunpla! This one is also known as Geirail, but I can’t pronounce it either way. Love the boxy computer-screen face of it though.

HG MS Option Set 6 & Mobile Worker

I’m not sure if Gunpla customization is as common as the amount of options sets makes it seem, or if Bandai is simply betting on it growing in popularity. Either way, have another set of weapons, accessories, and a mobile worker for your Orphans dioramas.

1/100 Gundam Barbatos Lupus

You like the new Barbatos Lupus? Then you’ll love it on a larger scale with this 1/100 version, the better to show off every detail with enhanced accuracy.

HGBF Transient Gundam Glacier (pictured at top)

I adore this stunning, crystalline take on the Transient Gundam just in time for colder weather. This is beauty and grace personified in mecha form, you guys.

HGCE Strike Freedom Gundam

This is one of those kits that makes me do a double take like, “Hmm, didn’t I just post about Strike Freedom?” Gundam SEED may have a lukewarm reputation, but its mecha live on forever in constant reiterations in every grade and scale, this time HG 1/144.


HG Guncannon Early Type

Thank Gundam: The Origin for this new-old suit. The Guncannon has always reminded me of a vintage ‘70s super robot, and that’s perfectly preserved in this latest build.

RE/100 AMX-107 Bawoo

Even though it wasn’t out yet I put this in the Gunpla Holiday Guide 2016 last month because I love ZZ’s flashy, wacky, wild suits like this one.

Pre-orders for December 2016

* We think this says “tentative” because they don’t want to spoil a model of a suit not yet shown in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans!

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  • Hey guys It should be noted that for the MG psycho zaku its easier to get this off of hobbylinkjapan or as those sites have a larger stock and the correct price. Amazon is overcharging by 30$+ in most cases.

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