Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for March-April 2019

The spring anime season begins this April, and it won’t be without a specific show for Gundam fans to look forward to! Gundam: The Origin will be converted into a 13-episode TV series, and we truly hope it won’t fall into any of the weird pacing issues that Gundam Unicorn Re:96 had. After all, it’s only half the length! Will you be watching the new TV adaptation?

In the meantime, I’m hoping this warmer weather gets me outside to do some more experimenting with spray paint and other strong-smelling Gunpla-building tools that I prefer not to work with indoors during the winter. (Since I don’t have a designated area for that. If I did, I’d set up a spray booth with a filter, which would make it safe to paint inside, too.)

Here are the latest releases and pre-orders, sure to inspire anyone to get Gunpla building:

New Releases for March 2019

MG Gundam Dynames (pictured at top)

Wanna feel old? Gundam 00 came out over 10 years ago. So it’s about time we get this detailed MG of Lockon Stratos’ own Gundam Dynames. This long-awaited kit is flexible enough to recreate all of the sniper poses from the anime.

Figure-rise Standard Build Divers Diver Ayame

Not a Gunpla, but definitely pertinent to our interests! Everyone’s favorite ninja Gunpla enthusiast gets her own buildable, poseable figure. Construct her with one of three included facial expressions, then swap them out as you like.

MG Gundam AGE II Magnum (pictured above)

Here’s a rare find: an MG kit from the Gundam Build Divers universe. Comes with the full set of transforming gimmicks that it inherited from the Age-2 Normal. This sharp, striking silhouette makes for a dramatic addition to the Master Grade line.

HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

A new version of Gundam Unicorn inspired by the Gundam NT movie. Redesigned clear pink parts give the suit’s iconic Psycho Frame an even more striking look than usual. Comes with two sets of eye stickers (red and green) to recreate the movie’s “Berserker Mode.”

Pre-Orders for April 2019