Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for June-July 2023

Have you watched the finale of Gundam: The Witch From Mercury yet? The series has had its emotional ups and downs, but I can tell you without any spoilers that it got a particularly happy ending, especially considering it’s a Gundam show!

Ready for more drama? The Gundam SEED FREEDOM anime film recently revealed its first English-subtitled teaser, and it looks like Kira and Lacus are in for a rocky time ahead. Will we finally learn more about the Space Whales? We also found out about an online-only 6-episode release for a new CGI show: Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance. With a German director and an Australian lead actress, it’s sure to be an international take on the Gundam story.

June adds two new model kits to our 2023 Gunpla tally, bringing up my current count to 16 new releases (not counting P-Bandai) at the year’s halfway mark. Check them out below:

Gunpla New Releases for June 2023

1/144 HG Gundvolva (pictured at top)

This model is remarkable for what it lacks: a cockpit. Since the Lfrith Thorn and Lfrith Ur operate it remotely, it’s more like a GUND-bit that’s shaped like a Gundam. This anonymous tool looks sleek and powerful with a no-nonsense color palette in shades of gray.

1/144 HG Demi Barding (pictured above)

The Demi Barding is Chuchu’s second mobile suit after… spoilers happen… and she is no longer able to use her Demi Trainer. Aggressive, sturdy, and equipped with powerful armaments including a beam cannon, it fits our pompom-headed girl’s personality perfectly. 

Gunpla Pre-Orders for July 2023

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