We got a bit of Gundam excitement this July when Sunrise announced Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE, a sequel to Gundam Build Divers, to air this October. You better believe this means that here at Gunpla 101, there’ll be a return to Tom Aznable’s popular Deep Dive column!

While we wait for that to come out, I (Lauren) have been playing a lot of Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare, Bandai’s first Gundam phone game to be made available outside of Japan. Check out my review of the game on Forbes (note: it’s pretty gacha-heavy) and feel free to friend me with the code EW0H28S4Y. My name in the game is Gunpla101! 

With all the other Gundam stuff going on, there’s not very much on the modeling front. But what we’re lacking in quantity this month, we make up for in quality. Check out the new releases and pre-orders below: 

New Releases for July 2019

RE/100 Zaku II Kai  (Pictured above)

First unveiled at C3AFA Hong Kong earlier this year, this will be the first Zaku model to join the Reborn 100 series! This kit is unusual in that it uses zero polycaps (those rubbery connector pieces in most Gunpla kits) which makes it extra-posable. Stage it with your MG Gundam Alex, released last month, for an unforgettable War In The Pocket diorama! 

HGCE Destiny Gundam (Heine Westenfluss Custom) (Pictured at top)

This is a color variant on the new HGCE Destiny Gundam. No matter how you feel about the show, Destiny is one of the most gorgeous Gunpla there is, and we love seeing it in this fiery orange color scheme. Comes with everything the May release came with, just with tangerine accents instead of pink. These two would look awesome posed side by side! 

Pre-Orders for August 2019