Did anybody else go see Gundam NT? On February 19, John and I got a couple of friends together and all trekked out to the closest movie theater that was showing it. Inside, the theater was packed! It was so gratifying to know that for the first Gundam cinematic release in the United States, fans showed up in droves. Not too many of us liked the movie, but oh well!

This month didn’t see anything too major in the way of releases, but the three new kits we got are striking. Here’s a closer look at February’s latest Gunpla kits:

New Releases for February 2019

HGUC Gustav Karl (Unicorn Ver.) (pictured above)

With hulking armor, this is one intimidating mobile suit. It plays a major role in the Hathaway’s Flash novels and will no doubt appear in the upcoming movie of the same name.

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Freedom Gundam

Freedom’s impressive wingspan and formidable weapons are a major identifying part of its silhouette, even in this miniaturized form.

HGBD Gundam Zerachiel (pictured at top)

This transforming mobile suit appears only in the Gundam Build Divers Break manga. With an angelic form and a dark color scheme, I can’t tell if it’s good or evil.

Pre-Orders for March 2019