Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for February-March 2018

Happy 2018, or as Bandai seems to be calling it, the 10th anniversary of SD Gundam Sangokuden. We got eight new SD kits (and a slew of reprints) to celebrate this Four Kingdoms inspired entry in the BB Senshi universe.

This is one of the most rewarding things about being a Gunpla fan. There are so many titles in the Gundam multiverse, which means there are always new kits to discover and build. Even though I’ve been writing on this site for four years, I still learn new things all the time.

Speaking of new, check out what came out in February and is coming in March:

New Releases for February 2018

RE/100 Guncannon Detector (pictured at top)

Re/100 continues to bring us never-before-made kits. This is the Guncannon Detector as it appeared in Episode 4 of the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA.

RG RX-0 [N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn

On the heels of the RG Unicorn comes the RG Banshee Norn, a crisply detailed and tightly edited version of the Banshee Norn High Grade kit.

RG RX-0 [N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (Premium ‘Unicorn Mode’ Box)

Same thing, but in a premium box that shows the kit in its “Unicorn Mode.” If you’re a box art collector, you might care about that sort of thing.

RG Unicorn Gundam (Bande Dessinee Ver.)

A variant of the Unicorn Gundam from the “Bande Dessinee” manga adaptation. Not much is different except that it includes an elaborate mode-changing shield.

HGBF Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos  (pictured above)

A pretty wild looking riff on the Build Strike from Gundam Battlogue Episode 5. Use this link to go watch the toy commercial, er, show.

HGBC Galaxy Booster

It wouldn’t be a Build Fighters kit without an optional add-on backpack! This is what’s in the picture to make it look like it’s covered in wings.

HGPG Petitgguy Tieria Erde Purple & Placard

Petitgguys aren’t going away. Now completionists have more than 20 to buy and build if they want to collect them all.

SD HuZhen Gyan & BuDuiBing

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gundam Sangokuden, this kit has its instructions written trilingually—in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

SD GongSun Zan Ez-8 & Four Symbols Ogre Armor Chariot

Another special Gundam Sangokuden variant, This one comes with a horse-drawn chariot!

SD DongZhuo Zaku & BuDuiBing

This Zaku captain variant comes with three Zaku grunt soldiers.

SD YuanShu Zssa & TianKaiZhuang

Clear armor parts make this variant suit a little more special.

SD YuanShao Bawoo & YuXi

Metallic purple detailing makes this variant look downright royal.

SD DianWei Asshimar, JiaXu Ashtaron, Siege Weapon & Six Combining Weapons Set A (pictured above)

Two generals, two grunt soldiers, and a tank make this kit more like a diorama.

SD HuangGai Gouf & Six Combining Weapons Set B

Like a Gouf but with elaborate Chinese detailing motifs, plus a seriously large katana.

SD DiaoChan Qubeley & General’s Palanquin

This kit was previously exclusive to the Blu-ray edition of SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors. This is the first time you can get it again.

Pre-Orders for March 2018

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