Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for December-January 2021

I could have sworn it was still March, but here we are at the end of the year! If you’re fortunate enough to be in Japan, you could have checked out the Yokohama Gundam theme park that just opened up in December. 

The rest of us will have to make do with building Gunpla at home until the pandemic is under control and travel restrictions are lifted, and luckily there are plenty of new ones to choose from. Though, there is a caveat: the pandemic has caused lengthier shipping delays than I’ve seen in the Gunpla world in years, and while these are out now in Japan in December, I don’t think Americans are going to see them until 2021. Here’s what was scheduled for release within the past month:

New Releases for December 2020

PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam (pictured at top)

Our second Perfect Grade of 2020! This “unleashed” version of the Grandaddy Gundam is marked not only with a new appearance, but an experience that is supposed to replicate the experience of building a real-life robot from the inside out. The kit is covered with hatches you can open to show off its skeleton so all that internal work pays off.  The “photo” I’ve used of this kit is actually a CGI rendering; I’ll be excited to see what it really looks like.

HGBD:R Gundam 00 Sky Moebius

This is basically a heavily customized version of the Gundam 00 Sky, with a new colorway and new armor. First seen in Episode 24 of Build Divers, Riku’s new suit has new gimmicks like the Sky Leg Guards which do… Well, I’m not sure what they do yet. Somebody tell me. 

Entry Grade RX-78-2 Gundam (Lite Package Ver.)

Gunpla building doesn’t get easier than this. This is the first EG, a new grade that features “touch gate specifications” designed for you to assemble with only your hands, without even using nippers. The light package version comes in a plastic case instead of a box. 

HGBD:R Try Slash Blade 

This accessory set includes a cape and sword in an alternate colorway for the weapon that comes with the Try Age Magnum. Will shiny clear purple tempt you into buying the same thing twice? Or maybe you can use it with another kit—it’s compatible with any HGBD:R kit.

HGBD:R Core Gundam II (G-3 Color) 

You could only buy Hiroto’s Core Gundam as part of one of its seven armors… until now. This version of the standalone unit comes in the G-3 colorway, based on an alternate colorway of the RX-78-2 first seen in the Mobile Suit Variations kit series. 

HGBD:R Core Gundam II (Titans Color) (pictured above)

The standalone Core Gundam also comes in the Titans colorway, based on the dark and evil-looking color palette of the antagonists of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

HGBD:R Double Rebake Rifle

If you think the Astray Noir’s backpack looks super cool, you’re not alone. In fact, Bandai designed this accessory so you can add it to any HG build you want. 

SD Gundam EX Standard Nu Gundam (pictured above)

Now I no longer need to wonder what the Nu Gundam’s iconic funnel gimmick would look like in SD form. It’s the cutest version of Amuro’s Char’s Counterattack suit ever. 

SD Gundam EX Standard Sazabi 

And where the Nu Gundam goes, the Sazabi is never far behind. Now you can pose Amuro and Char’s final standoff in this cute-and-compact form. 

SD Hello Kitty/Zaku II Char Aznable’s Mobile Suits [SD Gundam Cross Silhouette] (pictured above)

Speaking of cute, here’s the Hello Kitty/Char Aznable team up you didn’t know you wanted! Kitty’s jaunty red bow looks surprisingly color-coordinated with the salmon-colored Zaku. 

SD Hello Kitty/Zaku II [SD Gundam Cross Silhouette]

There’s also a Zaku grunt version of the Hello Kitty combo. Build the SD Zaku and Kitty separately, or build them together so Kitty appears to be wearing it as a costume. It’s a little silly, but at the end of 2020, I can appreciate something fun and gimmicky like this. 

Pre-Orders for January 2021

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