New year, new Gunpla!

Well, that’s the idea. In reality, I’m still not over 2016’s Gunpla selection. I spent some time over my holiday vacation putting together the 2016 Gunpla Year in Review and it reminded me just how many I haven’t built yet. So a few Amazon orders later, I’m catching up.

If you’re ready to say good riddance to 2016, we’re already seeing pre-orders on the horizon for January 2017. Check them out, and December’s releases, below:

New Releases for December 2016

MG Unicorn Gundam (Red / Green Twin Frame Edition) Titanium Finish 

Perfect for Christmas, this Unicorn model comes with both its red and green psycho frames. The outer shell has a metallic sheen for a high quality version of the titular model.

MG High Mobility Type Zaku II “Psycho Zaku” Ver.Ka (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.) (pictured above)

This heavily armed High Mobility Type Zaku looks just like the ones featured in Gundam Thunderbolt, complete with a burnished red finish.

RG Build Strike Gundam Full Package (pictured at top)

The most realistic version of Sei’s homemade model yet! The build booster makes a dramatic pair of wings, and new surface details make it look more stunning than ever.

Gundam Vidar 1/100

This detailed kit has a complete internal skeleton and its own stand. In many ways it’s like a master grade except for its High Grade-like ease of build.

HG Gundam Vidar 1/144

Vidar’s distinctive model from the second season of Iron-Blooded Orphans.

HG Mobile Armor Hashmal

This was initially released under the name “tentative” to avoid spoiling a major Iron-Blooded Orphans plot point. Now it’s out in all its avian glory.

HG Gundam Flauros (pictured above)

One of my favorite parts about Flauros is that it can walk on either two or four legs, and the same is true for this flexible HG kit.

HG MS-05S Char Aznable’s Zaku I

Char’s very first custom Zaku from Gundam: The Origin. A very true-to-show build.

HG MS-04 Bugu (Ramba Ral)

Before there was the Gouf, there was the Bugu, this prototype model from Gundam: The Origin.

Petitgguy Strayblack and Catcos

Now there are more Petitgguys than I’ve seen in any Gundam TV show or special! This is cute and I’m wondering how a feline Beargguy will work out.

Pettitguy Woofwoofwhite and Dogcos

Not exactly a Beargguy, more like a Dogguy. I don’t understand it but I still want it. A great first Gunpla for a kid to build.

HG Mobile Suit Option Set 7

A railgun and a long-range railgun characterize this customisation set.

Pre-orders for January 2017

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