Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for August-September 2021

Happy September, Gunpla fans! Though it’s once again a slow month for Gunpla releases, there was plenty of Gundam news to discuss. The first was Bandai’s new recycling program for Gunpla parts, which is an improvement on the existing EcoPla program. Though it is unfortunately only available in Japan right now, it’s sure to make a dent in the amount of plastic waste created by the sprues leftover from completed Gunpla kits.

Have you watched the first two Gundam Reconguista in G movies yet? They came out in late August with the promise to make the show’s perplexing plot a bit easier to understand. The first one starts with a funny message from Tomino stating that G-Reco is an anime “with characters who are a bit misguided, confused, or comically out of touch” and he definitely knows what he’s talking about! I’m reviewing the movies for Anime News Network, so look out for those in a bit. I will likely review them more kindly than I did the TV show’s Blu-ray!

The other big Gundam news (and which was also part of Gundam Online Expo 2021) was when Adam Savage, the former co-host of Mythbusters, built his first Gunpla model. My favorite part was when he was so impressed by the multicolor plastic molding inside a single sprue, which I also think is one of the coolest things about building Gunpla! It’s also fascinating that he picked a Perfect Grade for his first foray, but considering he has an extensive background in model building, that’s probably a good decision in this case. While we almost always recommend a High Grade as your first build, this is one of the exceptions that proves the rule.

And now, the reason you’re here: our (short) list of the Gunpla that came out in August and is scheduled for September.

Gunpla New Releases for August 2021

MG Eclipse Gundam (pictured at top)

The 20th anniversary of Gundam SEED has led to multiple new kits. This is a custom version of the ever-popular Astray mobile suit, featured in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Eclipse. Impressively, it transforms in three ways and includes everything you need to build the Striker, Silhouette, and Wizard pack equipment.

SDW Heroes Cao Cao Wing Gundam Isei Style

SDW Heroes is still streaming weekly on Crunchyroll, and kits based on the show’s main characters are coming out simultaneously. This is a souped-up version of Cao Wing Gundam, reflecting the character’s evolution and growth in the story.

Gunpla Pre-Orders for September 2021

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