Gunpla Pre-orders and New Releases for April-May 2021

How do you feel about an American Gundam movie? This April, we learned that Netflix is footing the bill for a live-action film set in the Universal Century. Fans speculate that the movie is going to be based on the original 1979 Gundam plot, but we don’t know for sure! My expectations aren’t too high considering that the Netflix social account already misspelled “Gundam”, implying that this isn’t one of the platform’s top priorities right now. 

Still, this news is definitely part of a larger theme we saw this past month of Gundam going even more global than it already is! Just a few days ago, Bandai completed its first life-sized Gundam statue to be located outside of Japan: the Freedom Gundam in Shanghai. While they’re at it I’d like a life-sized Gundam Maxter in my hometown of Washington, DC, please. 

April marked the fourth month in a row with an overwhelming majority of SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden kits. Now that the show is wrapped up, we’re beginning to see kits for the protagonists of the sequel series, SD Gundam World Heroes, also on Crunchyroll! Check out all the latest SD models for both shows that came out in April and are coming in May:

Gunpla New Releases for April 2021

MG Mobile Ginn

ZAFT’s all-purpose suit from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED finally makes it to Master Grade. With thruster-filled “wings” and leg-mounted missiles, it has a more elegant silhouette than your average grunt suit. With so many variations, it’s ripe for painting and customization. 

HGUC Xi Gundam (pictured at top)

This may be an HG but this kit is HUGE. The Xi (sometimes written as Ξ) will e depicted as over 26 meters in Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash, which is out in the US on May 7, 2021. This design by mecha mastermind Hajime Katoki is all drama: huge shoulders and a massive frame. 

HGUC Xi Gundam VS Penelope Funnel Missile Effect Set (pictured above)

There’s an even bigger Hathaway’s Flash kit for big spenders: everything you need to create a diorama standoff between the Xi and the Penelope, complete with a dozen clear gold missile effects for each suit—24 in all. Add in two display stands and a choice between foil stickers or waterslide decals, and every detail has been accounted for. 

HGCE Dagger L

The Mobile Ginn isn’t the only mass-produced suit from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED to get a kit this month. The unremarkable Dagger L has never gotten its own kit until now. You can change up its look by swapping backpacks with the compatible Windam or Aile Strike.

SD Dian Wei Master Gundam

This character is a former bandit which explains his villainous look. His ax can be combined with his wings to create a massive sword with eye-catching clear purple and red parts. 

SD Xu Huang Gundam Deathscythe (pictured above)

This kit oozes style: its cutout purple wings and a slim outline of a scythe really express a macabre, skeletal feel. It’s like the haunted vibe of the original Deathscythe has been taken to its most dramatic possible conclusion.

SD Tian Ba Cao Cao Wing Gundam

Silver, gold, and clear turquoise points resemble nothing more than a crystalline formation. This battle-enhanced final form appears to be as beautiful as it is deadly. 

SD Gan Ning Crossbone Gundam

It’s clever that they picked a shipbuilding background for the most seaworthy suit of the Gundam canon. His ornate gold and ivory rifle can be combined with the flame chains on his back. 

SD Da Qiao Gundam Artemie/Xiao Qiao GN Archer

Gan Ning Crossbone has two daughters, and this kit allows you to build one of the two (but if you want to build both, you’ll need to buy two kits). What appears to be a musical instrument is actually a weapon, and can be transformed into either a gun or an ax. 

SD Long Xian Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam (pictured above)

This Unicorn-inspired suit’s final form swaps clear pink parts for green (like the original Unicorn) and white armor for metallic gold (not so much). It’s hugely bulky for an SD and I have no idea how it stands up on its own, which explains why it’s shown posed on an Action Base.

SDW Heroes Wukong Impulse Gundam

The protagonist of the current Crunchyroll simulcast SD World Gundam Heroes. He’s an amnesiac who unexpectedly meteor-drops into Captain City. I love the feline details, including fiery claws, whisker-like slashes on the faceplate, and a devilish tail.

SDW Heroes Nobunaga Gundam Epyon

Another main character from SD World Gundam Heroes. This is obviously not his everyday wear, but a battle-enhanced version of his armor. It’s clear from the product images that this giant gold headdress, which is all in one piece, looks way better with some panel lining.

SDW Heroes Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam (pictured above)

This high-tech mecha has a traditional science-fiction look compared to the ancient Chinese fantasy appearances of some of his counterparts. This law enforcement mobile suit includes the Justice Lock and the EXT-Magnum.

Gunpla Pre-Orders for May 2021

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