Gunpla New Releases for January + February 2016


New year, new Gunpla! Only, I sort of forgot I was still making these pre-release posts every month, so this time you get two months in one entry.

This year has seen one very cool Real Grade, a plethora of 1/100s, and a whole lot of 1/144 HG models from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans especially. Check them out below:

New Releases for January 2016

RG XXXG-01W Wing Gundam EW (at top)

Real grades are really coming into their own in 2016. Early reviewers say this ‘90s throwback is as detailed as a Master Grade, but at 1/144 scale.

HG Gundam Kimaris

From Iron-Blooded Orphans comes Gaelio Bauduin’s custom suit from the Calamity War. It’s in his trademark purple, but resembles Barbatos in a lot of other ways.

MS Option Set 3 & Gjallarhorn Mobile Worker

A set of accessories, including axes and a mobile worker, designed to work perfectly with any Gjallarhorn mobile suit from Iron-Blooded Orphans.

HG Ryuseigo Graze Kaini

Shino’s iconic red custom Graze with angry eyes he painted himself. Shino started out as a character I couldn’t care less about, but now that he’s a pilot he’s awesome.

HG Gundam Gusion Rebake

Akihiro’s current Iron-Blooded Orphans suit. It’s a big bulky guy, just like Akihiro himself, and you can really feel like it has his personality.


Schwalbe Graze (McGillis Type) (1/100) (pictured)

Something tells me Bandai is banking on this suit being a popular one, because I’ve been seeing versions of it since before the show started.

New Releases for February 2016

HG Grimgerde

McGillis’s Calamity War era suit. Like the other Calamity suits, this one has major shoulderpads. Don’t miss the gold detailing in back.

MS Option Set 4 & Union Mobile Worker

A booster pack and mobile worker. Pretty typical by this point.

Gundam Gusion/Gusion Rebake 1/100

Check out aaaalllll the little details on Akihiro’s Gusion with this handy extra-large 1/100.

HG Gundam Barbatos 6th Form

In case the other five forms weren’t enough to satisfy you/empty your wallet completely, Bandai’s got a Barbatos for you.


HG Dom Test Prototype (pictured)

What’s black and white and red all over? This prototype Dom, apparently. A surprisingly detailed Gundam: The Origin suit but good luck applying all those stickers.

Pre-orders for March 2016

Have you bought any of these? We’d love to see your review in the comments.

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