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For the Gundam fan whose hobby spills over into every day life, these gifts go beyond Gunpla. Here’s what you can give the fan who doesn’t just want to watch Gundam and build Gunpla, but also listen to, play, and wear it.

1. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

Imagine all your favorite Gundam heroes working together to save the world. This video game envisions just that scenario, and throws in every mobile suit you’ve ever heard of for good measure. Good luck working to identify them all!

2. Celestial Being Hoodie Jacket Costume

Declare your loyalty to the paramilitary organization Celestial Being while staying warm in this unique zip-up hoodie. Inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam 00, this jacket boasts a cutting-edge design as future-forward as the show.

3. Gundam Singles History V.3 (Original Soundtrack)

Fill your ears with the dulcet tones of the Gundam universe. This CD is one in a series dedicated to preserving your favorite songs from older shows like Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Gundam X, The 08th MS Team, and Zeta Gundam. Not the series you were hoping to hear? Try volume 1 or volume 2.

4. Gundam Shield Inspired Sling Bag

Even the most casual fan won’t miss this Gundam reference. Make friends and strike up conversations with fellow fans by slinging this over your shoulder for a weekend at the anime convention.

5. Haro Digital Alarm Clock

You might recognize this unusual clock from the first opening of Gundam Build Fighters—it’s Iori Sei’s preferred method for making sure he isn’t late for school. Wake up to Haro’s cheerful chirps every morning.

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