Deep Dive: References in ‘Gundam Build Divers RE:RISE’ Episode 16

Gundam Build Divers is back with a sequel series, Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE, that is just as referential as its predecessor. It would take a keen eye and bottomless Gundam knowledge in order to catch the more obscure references it makes to every corner of the Gundam multiverse. Fortunately, we have Gundam expert Tom Aznable to help.

Welcome back to Deep Dive, Tom Aznable’s reader-favorite column all about catching the more esoteric aspects of the Gundam multiverse that make it into the show. Nothing passes Tom’s eagle eye for spotting this stuff (we suspect Newtype abilities), but this column focuses specifically on rare sightings and deep cuts. Read on to see what you may have missed:

Episode 16: To the Heavenly Land

Gundam F91 Beam Shields, Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (anime)

Along with the Valkylander’s shields, May attempts to defend against the Alus Gundam’s heavy sniper fire by throwing the Gundam F91’s detachable beam shield generators. The F91 itself was also able to detach its shields in this way, though in the film it’s only seen throwing its shield as a diversion.


MS Dummy Balloons, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack (anime)

MS-shaped dummy balloons were first seen in Char’s Counterattack, used by Amuro Ray when he was piloting the Re-GZ against Char Aznable’s Sazabi. In the Universal Century continuity, the presence of Minovsky particles in combat jams radar and sensors, making combat more reliant on visual detection. Along with MS-shaped dummies, balloons in the shape of debris or even entire fleets of ships are used to deceive the enemy. These tactics have a real-life analog in the WWII “Ghost Army” unit, which employed inflatable vehicles and artillery to deceive the German military.

Rather than using the dummies as decoys however, Hiroto uses them here to safely set off the Adzam leader-esque trap Alus had set for him.


Patrick Colasour (Gundam 00) dressed in a Zeon uniform (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Seeing as how Re:RISE has been spending very little time in GBN’s hub world lately, the ever-present Patrick Colasour doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to appear. But appear he must! While last week his “cameo” was limited to his name appearing in search results (not even a picture!), in this episode his image graces a woman’s bag at the hospital. And once again he’s in cosplay here, this time in a Zeon uniform.


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