Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor to Gunpla 101!

Q: How frequently are contributors expected to submit articles?

A: We accept contributors on a post by post basis. If you submit a pitch to us and it is accepted, it is not a contract for repeat work. If you have a second story idea for us, you are welcome to pitch us again!

Q: How do contributors submit articles? What are “pitches”?

A: Gunpla 101 readers might not realize that I (Lauren) am a professional journalist. I write for Forbes, Anime News Network, and other outlets. So when I outline how I want you to submit articles to Gunpla 101, it’s not because I’m picky. It’s based off of what I do as a pro!

An article pitch is simply a general outline of what you want to write out. This can be as basic as “I want to write an informative article about Version Ka, what it is, and what makes it special.” 

Here is what the outline for that article might look like:

My proposed title: What’s version ka?

  • Definition of version ka
  • Who is it named for
  • What are their characteristics of a version ka kit

See? It is VERY short! Then, if I like the idea, I will ask you to write it as a full article. Here’s how that will go down:

  1. Do not start writing an article until I email you and say I approve. If I am not planning to accept (or pay) for the article, you shouldn’t bother writing it! 
  2. Take your time submitting the article to me and photos to go with it. I prefer to receive articles written in a Google Doc like this one if possible. When you have photos with the article, I’d love if you could indicate where each should be inserted in the piece.
  3. I will edit your article and send it back so you can see what I changed and decide if you are OK with my changes. Then I will tell you when the article is posted. You will be credited with your own bio and social media links on the article.
  4. As soon as the article is posted, I will pay you via PayPal.

Q: What kind of articles do you NOT want from contributors?

A: We don’t want stuff we’ve already written, so make sure you don’t see your story idea in the archives. We’ve written tutorials about all the basics: weathering, topcoats, basic painting, etc. (Expansions on those topics, or intermediate tutorials, are still OK!) We also don’t want reviews of kits we’ve already reviewed.

Q: This Gundam kit is old. Do you still want a review of it?

A: Yes! Any kit that is still being sold, readers will love to read about. If the kit is NOT being made anymore (vintage or special edition) we are not interested. If the kit is not Bandai, we are not interested. No bootlegs.

Q: How do I outline a review for Gunpla 101?

A: As this review demonstrates, We want your review to cover six sections and include plenty of photos. These are the six sections in order:

  • First Impressions
  • Color and Design
  • Difficulty
  • Articulation
  • Extras (weapons, hands, effect parts)
  • Final Verdict

Thank you so much for supporting Gunpla 101 as a reader and now as a potential contributor!

Make sense? Submit your pitch to us in an email.