2015 Gunpla Year in Review


What a year 2015 has been for Gundam fans!

On the TV show side, we got the long awaited drama Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and a glimpse of the jazzy new Gundam Thunderbolt. We saw two stunning installments of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, which we loved as much as the 12-part graphic novel series it is based on—that itself concluded this year!

On the release side, we finally got Mobile Suit Gundam on Blu-Ray! Even more exciting was when Right Stuf gave us DVD release dates for some of our favorite classics like Gundam X, Zeta Gundam, and Gundam ZZ, plus new favorites like both Gundam Build Fighters shows.

And on the new model kit side… well you know that’s going to be way more than I can outline in a paragraph. We’ve collected the complete list of every Gunpla model that came out in 2015, and listed them out in alphabetical order, right here for your reference. Did you build any of these in 2015? We’d love to see your comments and reviews!

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Table of Contents

Perfect Grade
Master Grade
Reborn 100
Real Grade
High Grade
SD Gunpla

Perfect Grade


Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (pictured)

This is the ONLY Perfect Grade to be released in 2015. Noted for their larger size and mind-boggling complexity, PG models aren’t exactly Gunpla 101, but we sure love to look at them! This stunning Banshee Norn will be the centerpiece of any Gunpla collection.

Master Grade


Gundam Amazing Red Warrior

The Meijin’s model from Gundam Build Fighters Try is red all over, which means it’d be a great base for your first matte topcoat attempt. This master grade kit shows its additional detail in the inclusion of seven different weapons.

Gundam Double X

The pictures don’t show it, but this model comes with a mirror sheet to let you depict Gundam X’s signature ability.

Gundam Exia Dark Matter (pictured)

This suit dramatizes Exia’s already imposing shoulder-span with wing add-ons. Pointed toes and red-and-black coloring complete the devilish look.

Gundam Fenice Rinascita

This long awaited Master Grade is the best of both worlds: inspired by the most iconic Gundam Wing mobile suit there is, and improved with a flamboyant look worthy of our favorite Italian Gundam build fighter.

Hyaku Shiki Version 2.0

It’d be hard to outshine this Master Grade! In brilliant gold, Hyaku Shiki gives one of Zeta’s most iconic suits a much-deserved redesign.

RX-78 Gundam

Now that’s more like it! The nicest, most modern and poseable version of the first Gundam that money can buy. It’s the Gundam: The Origin version and it looks slick.

V2 Gundam Ver.Ka

I love the exaggerated silhouettes of Version Ka models. It’s amazing how the design has totally amped up the theatrics of the already wild-looking Victory. It’s gonna be annoying to put on all those stickers, which is why I’m glad it looks good without them, too.

Reborn 100



Amuro’s custom mobile suit from Zeta Gundam is special for two reasons. First, it’s recreated here in Bandai’s latest scale. Second, this is the first time it has ever been seen in Gunpla form, just in time for Zeta Gundam’s 30th anniversary!

Gundam Mark III (pictured)

A good looking model with an unusual, high-contrast color scheme.

Gundam 0083 Gerbera

This Gerbera is nearly as detailed as a Master Grade, but supposedly easier to put together. Look at all of those stickers!

Real Grade


GNR-010 0 Raiser

This real grade does justice to Gundam 00’s highly experimental model, massive beam saber and all.

MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame (pictured)

This might be the Gundam universe’s most popular mobile suit, at least when it comes to bestselling kits! Here’s a real grade to add to the lineup.

High Grade




I can’t see this Gunpla’s name without thinking of Final Fantasy VII. With lots of color details on a bulky white body, it looks very Super Robot.

Crossbone X-1 Full Cloth (pictured)

One of the best things Gundam Build Fighters Try did for us is bring Crossbone to America for the first time (and not a heavily customized Mao of it build either, I mean).


Yet another downright odd model from Gundam Reconguista in G. This suit’s geometric look reminds me of Porygon from Pokémon.

Denial Gundam (pictured at top of article)

Like I’d be able to pass up a Gunpla with so much purple glitter! This brilliant foil to the Build Burning literally sparkles with possibility.

Dom R35

The classic Dom model as it appears in the Gundam Build Fighters universe. Its rich blue color and bold physique make it nearly as iconic as the Gouf.

Elf Bullock (Mask Custom)

“Is this some kind of chicken?” is what I said to John when I first saw this one. Say what you will about G-Reco, but nobody can deny it’s got some of the weirdest mobile suits out there. With twig-like feet and what I can only think of as a turkey waddle, this one is certainly unique.

Freedom Gundam

Calling all Gundam Seed fans! This iteration boasts an extended freedom of movement (pardon the pun) from earlier models of the same suit.


This one reminds me of Frieza from Dragon Ball Z, thanks to its oddly familiar color scheme and shape. Its oddly shaped feet look ideal for aerial poses.

G-Self with Assault Pack

Say what you want about Gundam Reconguista in G as a show, but nobody can deny that the Gunpla coming out of it are just getting crazier and more elaborate as time goes on.

G-Self (Perfect Pack Equipped)

A fully-equipped new iteration of Gundam: Reconguista in G’s premier mobile suit. I love how this suit opts for a light turquoise as a change from the traditional Gundam royal blue.


I have a soft spot for purple models, and Gundam Reconguista in G has no shortage of them. Gaeon is a space assault suit, but the sturdy shields surrounding three quarters of its body probably make for great defense.

Graze Kai

This Iron-Blooded Orphans suit looks like it wants to “axe” you a few questions. But seriously when is the last time you’ve seen axe-wielders in a Gundam show? Heat hawks count, I think.

Graze (Commander Type)

It’s the commander version of the Gjallarhorn suit from Iron-Blooded Orphans. I didn’t realize Crank was piloting a suit with such sleek little high heels! I like the inner frame of this model, which should increase poseability at its larger size.

HG Graze (Standard Type)

Think like the regular green Zaku versus the Gouf-like customized blue suit that belongs to Mcgillis.

Guncannon Revive

With bright red parts and bulky limbs, this prototype Guncannon is a true throwback to the earliest suits there were, but its make is anything but. It was supposedly build with “a new injection molding technique that allows parts to be taken off the runner without tools.”

Gundam Amazing Red Warrior

Gundam Build Fighters’ Meijin Kawaguchi’s custom version of the PF-78-3 Perfect Gundam III “Red Warrior” from the manga Plamo-Kyoshiro.

Gundam Barbatos

Raise your flag for the signature mobile suit from the latest Gundam show, Iron-Blooded Orphans. Barbatos comes with the giant mace that it has put to good use in recent episodes.

Gundam Barbatos 1/100

It’s ANOTHER Barbatos from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. With few accessories and a fairly simple frame, this 1/100 is decidedly not a Master Grade. Still, at around $30, you get a lot of Gunpla for your buck.

Gundam Barbatos & Long Distance Transport Booster Kutan San Model

We’re never going to have too many Barbatos suits, huh? If you haven’t bought the 1/144 or the 1/100 versions that have already come out, save your money for this one that comes with the long-distance transporter featured in Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 11 and 12.

Gundam Gusion

That’s one crazy hammer accessory! This model is short, squat, and extremely compact, but early reviews have said it’s “far more flexible than it looks.”

Gundam Leopard da Vinci

Suga from Gundam Build Fighters Try is a cool character, but he could use some help naming his suits a little better. This looks nothing like a leopard, Suga. (Clarification: as a reader pointed out, this is the spitting image of Gundam Leopard from Gundam X, which in my opinion, does not look anything like a leopard, either.)

Gundam MK-II (Titans)

It’s nice to see so many older models being recreated with modern construction, like this Zeta Gundam. The rich blue color would look great with a little top coat.

Gundam MK-II (A.E.U.G.)

Another version of the Mark II, this time with the Anti-Earth Union Group coloring. It’d be cool to build both of these models and display them together.

HGBF Gundam Portant 1/144

Shia’s seafoam model from Gundam Build Fighters Try. It’s only a High Grade, but still comes with a stand so you can put it in its trademark graceful poses.


Gundam The End (pictured)

Adou Saga’s terrifying custom build from Gundam Build Fighters Try. This is such a unique, creepy model and there’s nothing like that wearable shield on any other.

Gundam Tryon 3

This throwback to the Super Robot era is as colorful and over-the-top as you could ever ask for. LET’S TRY ON!

Guntank Early Type

Who else watched Gundam: The Origin and was amazed at the major roles of some of the otherwise widely forgotten suits? It had me looking at the humble Guntank in a new light.

Hi-Mock Model Kit

The Hi-Mock appeared as a customizable training opponent in Gundam Build Fighters Try. Now you can build one for your other Gunpla to use for target practice.

Hi-Nu Gundam Vrabe

Sometimes you’ll also see this called “Hi-Nu Gundam Brave,” which frankly makes more sense. It’s from Gundam Build Fighters Document, a manga about Tatsuya Yuuki’s childhood that isn’t available in English yet.

High Mobility Type Zaku II Gaia/Mash Custom

Another Gundam: The Origin model that brings a real classic to today’s quality standards. I love the variety of equipment it comes with, plus the understated violet armor.

High Mobility Type Zaku II Ortega’s Custom

A striking Zaku rendition with purple accents and a massive heat hawk, as seen in Gundam: The Origin. I love the dynamic base that simulates motion.


Definitely one of the more bizarre Iron-Blooded Orphans suits. Every time I see a really weird suit (like anything from G-Reco) it makes me think of Neon Genesis Evangelion.


The pastel blues and curvy shape make this an unusual piece. I think it’s neat that they made these suits look so womanly to mimic the entirely female crew who pilot them.

Hyakuren (Amida’s Custom)

I especially collect pink mobile suits so you know I’ll be buying this special color version of the Hyakuren, designed especially for Amida’s use. It’s sturdy and cute and and really does look like a lady.


A strange golden model with a shield that resembles a parasol, you’ll recognize this is from the quirky line of Reconguista in G suits even if you haven’t seen the show.


Kabakali (pictured)

I’m not speaking lightly when I say this the most awesome Reconguista in G Gunpla yet. Its polished black exterior and crimson detailing color an intense, dynamic build.

Kamiki Burning Gundam

The final form of Sekai’s Gundam Build Fighters Try model. Both the photos and early reviewers’ testimonials indicate that this is an especially posable kit.

Lightning Z Gundam

Canonically in Gundam Build Fighters Try, Yuuma Kousaka built this model to enter (and win) the Meijin Cup, which judges Gunpla on their artistic merit. With lots of color and sweeping design, it certainly lives up to that!

Mac Knife (Mask Use)

I am never going to get over just how weird these Gundam Reconguista in G models all look. This one looks to be half Super Robot, half Neon Genesis Evangelion angel.

Man Rodi

Remember when Lafter called this suit “cute” in Iron-Blooded Orphans? I can’t blame her—it’s so ball-like and adorable! Reminds me a bit of the Kapool from Turn A Gundam. I’m so glad it comes with a stand because its mid-air poses look the coolest.

Mcgillis’s Schwalbe Graze

This suit marked our first opportunity to build one of the Gjallahorn suits from Iron-Blooded Orphans. This axe-wielder has a unique color scheme and unusual frame type.

Mobile Worker MW-01 Model 01 Late Type

As seen in Gundam: The Origin, this secret Gundam project model faithfully recreates the earliest prototype of one of the One Year War’s earliest mobile workers.

MS-06S Char’s Zaku II

With the continued release of the Gundam: The Origin graphic novels and OVAs, some real classics are getting new releases. Nothing’s new here but the quality.

Prototype Gouf (Battle Plan Actual Proof Type)

A model that shows what an extremely early prototype of the Gouf looked like. Gundam: The Origin has been especially creative with its imaginings of early suits.


Amazon has the text all wrong, but I linked anyway because this model is great. It’s a Revive version of an older suit. For fans who discovered Qubeley through Gundam Build Fighters, here’s the original high-drama suit that looks so much like a butterfly.

RX-78-2 Gundam Revive

What makes this Gundam Seed model interesting is that it claims to use a new molding method—the wedge gate system—that will make your nubs less noticeable when you snap the parts out. Other models have claimed this same feature before, and I’d love to know if it works.

Space Gehennam Commander Type Model Kit

This brilliant ultramarine blue model hails from Gundam Reconguista in G. The paint job makes it look ten times better than the regular Space Gehennam.

Super Fumina

Well this is a conversation piece, to say the least! (Unless you show it to Fumina, who will probably be left speechless.) Half Gunpla, half anime figure, this is a true original.

Transient Gundam

Wilfrid’s model from Gundam Build Fighters Try. The clear blue stand that matches his lances is a nice touch.

Try Burning Gundam

Did everybody catch episode 20 of Gundam Build Fighters Try? The more I learn about what this suit is capable of, the more I want to own a copy. Also, look at the full burning mode!

V Dash Gundam 1/144

Twin boosters make this model especially tall for a High Grade. One of the great things about Victory Gundam suits are their glossy pink beam shields, and this one is no exception.

V2 Assault Buster Gundam

This is a really versatile kit. You can use the parts to build V2 Assault, V2 Buster or V2 Assault Buster Gundam. And at High Grade, the only hard part is picking which one!


Wing Gundam Zero Flame 1/144

This burning-bright model comes from a side story of Gundam Build Fighters Try that I haven’t seen yet since it’s not available in my country. Even so, I can admire its flaming wings.

SD Gunpla


BB #397 Musha Victory Gundam (pictured)

With the gilded detailing of Musha and the sparkly wings of Destiny, this SD Gunpla is the ultimate in shininess and wins the Most Likely To Be Lauren’s Next Purchase award.

BB Versal Knight Gundam

Knight Gundam is one of the most enduring of the SD Gundam collection, making cameos in shows as recent as Gundam Build Fighters. This iteration has metallic detailing.

Lightning Gundam

I love how expressive SD models can look. This one brings some real humanity to Yuuma’s no-nonsense Lightning Gundam.

Red Warrior Amazing

Taking its inspiration from Samurai suit Gundam Musha, Lady Kawaguchi’s SD mobile suit is the coolest of cool. All those ridges would look great with some panel lining.

S × D × G Gundam

Combine these SD Gunpla to make the dragon transformation that the triplets have in Gundam Build Fighters Try.

Star Winning Gundam

Speaking of core fighters, there’s nothing cuter than one that’s been chibified for an SD’s back! I love the choice to make the green pieces opaque like jade gems.

Petit Bearguy: Future Pink, Burning Red, Lightning Blue, and Winning Yellow*

I own all four of these and they’re not only great looking, they’re great for when I have friends over who want to try building a Gunpla model for the first time. I only built one myself!

*Technically no grade or scale, but where else do I put these cuties?



Amazing Red Warrior Build Custom Parts

Like DLC for Gunpla building, a bunch of additional parts you can use with the Amazing Red Warrior, but you have to buy them separately.

Bolden Arm Arms

In the true spirit of Gundam Build Fighters, you can use these HGBF parts to retrofit other models for enhanced customization. I’m especially curious about the wings and claws.

HGBC Gundam Portant Weapon Set

Gundam Portant’s weapon is sold separately. It’s plain white, but has an elegant, birdlike shape. It appears to come with a GP Base, too.

Jigen Build Knuckles

Jigen means “dimension” in English, but that doesn’t tell me much more. Use these 36 expressive hands to add custom flair to any 1/144 Gunpla model.

Lightning Back Weapon System Mk-II

This version of Yuuma’s Gunpla comes with all the bells and whistles, included a back-mounted core fighter. Guess that’s a one-up over the original Zeta!

Hi-Mock Army Set

Like the Red Warrior, Hi-Mock also has a custom parts kit to help it fight back.

MS Hand 02 (Zeon) Dark Gray

A new additional part to add poseability and variety to your custom Gunpla models. This one is colored specifically to fit with Zeon suits.

MS Option Set 1 & CGS Mobile Worker

Accessories to add on to your Iron-Blooded Orphans model customizations.

MS Option Set 2 & CGS Mobile Worker

It’s clear that it’s time to get to customizing! Here’s a second kit especially designed for this latest generation of Gunpla.

MS Sword 01

A set of swords for the experienced builder. Use these to add custom elements to any 1/144 model—though you’ll need to paint them first. The price is certainly right!

MS Vernier 03

Sixteen nozzles and accompanying bases to customize your 1/144 scale kits. Like the previous sword kit, we think this is for experienced builders only.

System Weapon 009

A new part for customizers, this set of weapons is true to the bazookas and beam rifles that mobile suits use in Gundam Seed. Add them to your custom suit for maximum personalization.

System Weapon 010

It’s a great year for Gunpla customizers, as this is our 10th pack of weapons designed to fit any 1/144 model. This kit includes the strike bazooka and Duel Gundam beam rifles.

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