2014 Gunpla Year in Review

It’s been an incredible year for the Gundam franchise!

2014 brought us the amazing Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try, the silly Gundam-San, and the unpredictable new Gundam Reconguista In G.

Alongside these shows, we saw the release of more than 50 new Gunpla models, primarily based on the shows airing now, but sometimes rendering new versions of old favorites or never before seen customs.

Worried you missed one? We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide of every Gunpla model that came out in 2014 with a few thoughts.* Have you bought or built any of these? Let everyone know in the comments if you have buying advice or a Gunpla review!

Table of Contents

Perfect Grade
Master Grade
Real Grade
High Grade
SD Gunpla

*Every Gunpla suit, that is. We left out mobile suit accessory kits.

Perfect Grade (PG/60)


RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, Dec. 2014 (pictured)

We don’t always get a new Perfect Grade every year and in fact, Unicorn is the first new model to be released since 2010! Like the real Gundam Unicorn, it’s especially dynamic, in that it can revert between Unicorn Mode and Destroy Mode in seconds.

Even better, you can also buy an LED unit to make it completely light up! We saw a picture of this on Twitter and it looks incredible.

Master Grade (MG/100)


Gundam Astray Blue Frame D, Nov. 2014

With a cool design and a great manga backstory, Astray has long been a fan favorite. This color variation ups the drama in bright blue and gold.

Hi-Nu Gundam Ver. Ka, Aug. 2014

I love the purple details! As is typical for Version Ka Gunpla, this kit envisions the primary Gundam from Char’s Counterattack as if Sunrise’s most celebrated mecha designer Hajime Katoki had designed it. I’m told the stickers are unusually tricky to apply, so this probably is not a good idea for your very first Master Grade, no matter how cool it looks.

Concept-X6-1-2 Turn X, June 2014

Just in time for anime distributor Right Stuf to release Turn A Gundam in the English language, Bandai released Turn X, the primary antagonist of the series. The models from Turn A are designed by American industrial designer Syd Mead of Blade Runner fame, and are completely unique among the Gundam pantheon.

Build Gundam Mk-II, Mar. 2014

A sturdy build with classic colors and a backpack fighter just like the one in the show.

Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex, Feb. 2014

Metallic gold and opalescent blue make this the flashiest model of 2014, hands down.

Sengoku Astray Gundam, Feb. 2014 (pictured)

With its samurai stylings and a dragon motif, Nils Nilson’s Gundam Build Fighters mecha takes an already awesome model and makes it cooler.

Build Strike Gundam Full Package, Jan. 2014

Iori Sei’s custom model for Gundam Build Fighters is a modern take on the classic Strike.

GX-9900 Gundam X, Jan. 2014

The first and only Gundam X model to get elevated to Master Grade level. Shiny, textured plastic really makes the solar panels stand out.

Reborn (RE/100)


2014 saw the birth of a brand new Gunpla grade with its very first model release.

MSN-04II Nightingale, Sep. 2014 (pictured)

Nightingale has always been either too big for the High Grade or too costly for the Master Grade, so it was a perfect first model for Bandai’s experimental new grade. This model is larger than a High Grade, but without the complicated internal frame of a Master Grade.

Real Grade (RG/144)


XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero EW, Dec. 2014

Real Grade has enough complexity to give this Endless Waltz model detailed feather wings without the hassle of a Master Grade.

MSM-07S Char`s Z`Gok, July 2014

Aquatic units are always cute no matter how imposing they try to be. This cherry red Z’gok is no different.

GN-001 Gundam Exia, May 2014 (pictured)

This Gunpla is all angles, from his multiple swords to his ‘80s businesswoman shoulderpads.

High Grade (HG/144)


Mega-Shiki (HGBF), Dec. 2014

Can you believe we’re already seeing models from Gundam Build Fighters Try? This one isn’t just out, but our heroes have already battled it!

R-Gyagya (HGBF), Dec. 2014

Gyanko is my favorite character in Try, and her suit’s not bad either!

Space Gehennam (Mass Production Type), Dec. 2014

Weirdly, this is spelled “Jahannam” on the box. We’re not sure which is right.

Cross Bone Gundam X1 (HGUC), Nov. 2014

We’re still waiting for the manga to come to the West, but at least this year we were able to comfort ourselves with a new version of the main mech.

Beargguy F (Family) (HGBF), Nov. 2014

I bought this IMMEDIATELY upon seeing it on Try. Too adorable.

Gundam Ez-SR (HGBF), Nov. 2014

I don’t have anything to say about this suit. I just remember it being cannon fodder long before its unmemorable Try appearance.

Montero (Klim Nick Custom), Nov. 2014

Gundam Reconguista in G (G-Reco) introduced a whole bunch of new models…

Gundam G-Arcane, Nov. 2014

Another G-Reco model with a gun that’s taller than the Gundam itself.

Lightning Gundam (HGBF), Nov. 2014

Given that Yuuma is canonically a super good builder, I think it’d be a challenge to try and build this as well as he presumably did.

Grimoire, Oct. 2014

To be honest I am not following G-Reco given it’s not legal in my country yet, but this model’s name and build are pretty enticing.

Powered GM Cardigan (HGBF), Oct. 2014

Fumina’s first model that she uses for about three episodes. I’m way more excited for her SD Winning Gundam than this one!

Build Burning Gundam (HGBF), Oct. 2014 (pictured)

I bet there’ll be a pretty cool Master Grade of Sekai’s model some time in 2015.

ZII (HGUC), Sept. 2014

A sharper, pointier Zeta Gundam.

Gundam G-Self, Sept. 2014

The primary model in G-Reco. I love his cute little antennae thingies!

Gundam Fenice Rinascita (HGBF), Sept. 2014

The upgraded version of Wing Gundam Fenice.

Rozen Zulu (episode 7 Ver.) (HGUC), Aug. 2014

Elegant purple high heels and a Zeon motif make this a deliciously evil looking Gunpla.

Gundam Amazing Exia (HGBF), Aug. 2014

A compact model fittingly designed for Meijin Kawaguchi in Gundam Build Fighters.

Neo Zeong (HGUC), July 2014

Full Frontal’s flamboyant red model has shoulder blades that could pierce the heavens.

Gundam Airmaster (HGAW), July 2014

As its name suggests, this After War era model is designed to rule the skies.

Shutsurumu-Gallus (HGUC), July 2014

This Zeon unit appears for a couple of minutes in the final episode of Gundam Unicorn, but it’s enough for Bandai to release it as an HG model, and a striking one besides.

Zeta Plus (Unicorn Ver.) (HGUC), July 2014

We wouldn’t have recommended you buy this otherwise impressive model when it came out in July—almost immediately, Bandai issued a recall due to defective parts. Now that it has been reissued, be sure to ensure sellers are giving you the latest version of it.

Gouf R35 (HGBF), June 2014

“This is no Zaku, boy, no Zaku!” Ramba Ral’s signature suit got a modern makeover for Gundam Build Fighters, and it looks great.

Zaku I (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.), June 2014

The latest rendering of the “Old Zaku” model as it appeared in the Gundam Thunderbolt manga.

Zssa (Unicorn Ver.) (HGUC), June 2014

Honestly this model’s missiles give me a touch of trypophobia.

Kshatriya Repaired (HGUC), May 2014

Kshatriya’s final form in Gundam Unicorn dwarfs nearly any other High Grade model out there.

Crossbone Gundam Maoh (HGBF), April 2014

Maoh’s second custom in Gundam Build Fighters ups the drama on this already pretty crazy pirate mobile suit.

Turn A Gundam (HGCC), April 2014

My only nitpick is that the High Grade doesn’t come with the Morningstar weapon (called Gundam Hammer in the show), the way the Master Grade does.

Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) (HGUC), April 2014

Meanwhile, here’s a High Grade model with all the bells and whistles of the MG version.

Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (Destroy Mode) (HGUC), Mar. 2014

A dramatic antagonist fitting of Gundam Unicorn. We bought this right away!

Gundam Exia Dark Matter (HGBF), Mar. 2014

We keep returning to Exia again and again because it’s a really striking model. Just look at those pointed toes!

Miss Sazabi (HGBF), Mar. 2014

Aila built this suit in Gundam Build Fighters after she defected from Nemesis and wanted a Gunpla that reflected her own battling experiences. I love how you can see Aila’s priorities and strengths when you look at this model.

Wing Gundam Zero (HGAC), Mar. 2014

Bright primary colors and a simple build make this a good pick for a kid just getting into Gunpla, or a nostalgic grownup.

Strike Rouge (HGCE), Mar. 2014

A cheerier and more proportionate HG Strike Rouge compared to the earlier rendition released back in 2004. Ten years has done a lot of good for this model.

High Mobility Type Zaku II ‘Psycho Zaku’ (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.), Feb. 2014

Builders have compared this one to a Master Grade because of its detail, size, and number of accessories.

Zaku II (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.), Feb. 2014

Metallic gold details make this difference in this Zaku throwback.

Dreissen (HGUC), Feb. 2014

Exaggerated proportions and royal purple make this one unignorable.

Doven Wolf (HGUC), Feb. 2014

In some photos it looks green, in others it looks blue, but in reality it’s more of a cyan color with red tipped details.

Qubeley Papillon (HGBF), Feb. 2014

Aila’s butterfly-like Gundam Build Fighters suit.

Aile Strike Gundam (HGCE), Feb 2014

This Gundam Seed model comes to HG for the first time.

GM Sniper K9 (HGBF), Feb. 2014

Like the old GM Sniper, but with a little bit more going on.

Kampfer Amazing (HGBF), Jan. 2014

A perfectly symmetrical model with enormous mounted shoulder cannons.

Star Build Strike Gundam Plavsky Wing (HGBF), Jan. 2014

Feathery blue wings fancy up the original Build Strike.

Silver Bullet (HGUC), Jan. 2014

A version of the Doven Wolf—I’d say your money is better spent on the Doven Wolf’s bright colors than on this gray one.

V2 Gundam (HGUC), Jan. 2014

The Victory 2 you remember, with sturdy legs that won’t topple over.

SD Gunpla


Winning Gundam, Dec. 2014

Fumina’s tiny Gundam Build Fighters Try model packs a punch, literally!

Build Burning Gundam, Dec. 2014

A cutesy rendition of Sekai’s signature suit.

Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex, Sept. 2014

Gold and opalescent blue make this suit a treasure in any grade.

Legend BB Full Armor Knight Gundam, July 2014

I remember when John and I first watched Knight Gundam’s cartoon, an ‘80s show where Knight Gundam is a mobile suit living among people the same size as him, and nobody bats an eye! This model captures some of that old school charm.

Neo Zeong, June 2014 (pictured)

You might notice this is more expensive than your average SD. It is also twice the size of your average SD. It is also twice your average SD, period, because it’s actually two suits that can be posed together or alone.

Sengoku Astray Gundam, April 2014

Everybody’s favorite samurai mobile suit, minified.

Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn, May 2014

A word of warning for Gundam Unicorn SD models–they are extremely elaborate with lots of decoration, and when that gets shrunk down to this size, they’re not very posable. Fortunately, there’s a lot to look at here even if you can’t move the feet much.

Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, May 2014

This green rendition (Greenicorn, as we call it around the house), is armed and dangerous.

Build Strike Gundam Full Package, Mar. 2014

Homeboy looks a little bit Yu-Gi-Oh! in the exaggerated proportions of the SD scale.

Nu Gundam, Jan. 2014

Nu looks like a one winged angel in SD form. It has more decals than your average SD model for additional detail.

All photos courtesy of Sunrise and Bandai Hobby

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  • Of all the 2014 releases i only managed to get 4 of them, the banshee norn SD the neo zeong SD (that was so much fun putting together) the Grimoire with its uniquely soft feeling but strong plastic and the Turn X gundam. All of them were so much fun, however, the turn X everyone should be careful as it has very weak clear parts for the stand, they can actully break and it makes them very loose. They are all still fun though and cant wait to start airbrushing them.

    • @milkykou:disqus thanks for the heads up re: Turn X! I am so into Turn A Gundam right now and I really had my eye on it. I’ll be careful with Turn X and maybe think about ways to reinforce the stand.

      • Its also perhaps the easiest MG kit out there besides some of the super early 90s kit cause those dont have an inner frame. This one kind of doesnt have an inner frame, but its very unique enough to stand out on its own, try to be careful with the clear pieces when you put them on, as they wont be coming back off without breaking them, so if you paint be sure to tape them up~ i hope this helps you out.

  • Really nice list but don’t forget the MG Build MKII i love it!, the fantstic RE/100 Nightingale, the HG Gundam Z II nice kit but quite weird looking MS xD and the old GM Sniper this time with new colors and backpack (k9).
    Btw just find your blog today and it’s really nice! have a happy gunpla new year 🙂

    • @disqus_2BDuEPiJbI:disqus thank you so, SO much for spotting these! I just added all the ones you mentioned. I didn’t even know about RE/100 yet!! We’re so lucky to have readers like you that keep us accurate =)

  • I was expect MG Gundam AGE-FX would come out in 2014, perhaps i have to count on 2015…….

  • so few MGs. really wish we had more.

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